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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can't make up my mind which to start!

  So I have a ton of books ready to read.... and I keep getting more.  There are 3 more in my mailbox at home from the bookswap!

So here are my choices on what to read:

Envy, JR Ward

Ok, I love love love JR Ward.  I buy her books, full price paper editions, brand new....and loan them to my friends with serious threats of violence if they are not returned quickly and in great condition.  I know this book is going to be great.

A Girl's Guide to Vampires, Katie MacAlister

I basically know nothing about this series.  I got this from the library last night.  Some of the others in the series looked damned interesting, but you have to start at the beginning.  I did check goodreads from my Blackberry, so I know this has good reviews.  I'm sure it will be a fun read.

Playing with Fire, Katie MacAlister

This is another one from the library.  I don't know anything about this author.  But again, this has good reviews and the series looks interesting.

Dark Fever, Karen Marie Moning

Guilty again, from the library.  Looks like a naughty read.  And its #1 in a series, which is great :)

Guilty Pleasures, Laurell K. Hamilton

Ok, this one I got from goodreads bookswap.  I've been meaning to give the Anita Blake series a try.  But there are like a million books, and once I start a series I'm really happy if I can just read them all.  Which means all of my other books may get neglected while I catch up on this series.

The Darkest Evening of the Year, Dean Koontz

I'm probably halfway through this one.  I set it down months ago, moved to a new house etc yadda yadda.  I had a really hard time getting into this one, but I heard it is good.  I'm worried the dog is going to die.  That just wouldn't be good! I'm a sucker for animals.

Me and My Ghoulfriends, Rose Pressey

I got a few pages into this one, and then I got distracted by something bright and shiny.  I have this one on my kindle. It was really funny and interesting, and it really makes me think of Abraham Lincoln differently.  I suspect this is a great book.

Amber Moon, CL Bevill

This is #2 in the trilogy.  Novella.  The first one only took me a few minutes to read, and it was an enjoyable story.  I did wish it was a full length book.  I'm sure I will feel the same about this.

Not to mention these ones are waiting in my mail box when I get home!  What's a girl to do?!?!?

Demons Not Included, Cheyenne McCray

Shadowfae, Erica Hayes



  1. So many awesome books here! I would go with either Kiss of Midnight, DarkFever, OR Envy! Although, the only one I've read is DarkFever. It's not as sensual as it looks (no sex scenes at all) but the series is popular. I STILL gotta read the next four books

  2. Darkfever isn't sexy? Uhoh!! I am sure its still a good book, but yeah, I thought it might be a bit sexy. I ended up reading a couple pages of A Girls Guide to Vampires. It looks like it might be a fun, light read.


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