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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fated Encounter - JA Belfield

Title: Fated Encounter
Author JA Belfield

Format: ebook, from Goodreads group: [Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics!] Read to Review

From Goodreads:
One glimpse. That scent. There. Right there. Could it be … her?

The female within Sean Holloway’s dreams is real, and he intends to see her face even if it means hiding behind a women’s lingerie rack to do it.

With curiosity burning too hot for him to ignore, Sean turns an ordinary family errand into the chance of a lifetime only to be interrupted time and again.

In this companion piece to Darkness & Light, see Jem the way Sean saw her for the very first time.

Just how close is Sean willing to get before he’ll take fate into his own hands?

Enough to make the impossible come true … maybe. 

This is the first I've read of anything from this author or series. This little taste though, has made me want to read the rest of the books. As soon as I write this review, I'll be hunting them down :)

This is a little peek into Sean, who is apparently a werewolf. There were a couple points it felt as if he were in wolf form even though I knew he wasn't. I really felt the intensity he was feeling toward Jem, although I wish he was a bit more forward.

And then there is Jem. Not knowing any backstory, I would guess she is a wolf who has never transformed. At one point in the story, I really wished she would "wolf out" and take control of the situation. I'm hoping something along those lines will happen in the book!

I really liked the author's descriptions of the store they were in, the senses Sean was using to track Jem. It felt just like one of the megamart type stores local to me. I was hooked right away. Definitely a good read.