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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Girl's Guide to Vampires - by Katie MacAlister

Title: A Girl's Guide to Vampires
Author: Katie MacAlister

Published: 2003
Format:  Print copy borrowed from library

Joy Randall's Top 5 Tips for Vampire Hunters: Location, location, location. Vampires won't be caught dead (ha!) in places like discos, ten-minute lube shops, or Switzerland. Remember, if you wouldn't be there, neither would a bloodsucker. Trust your eyes. You know the handsome, annoyingly arrogant, self-assured man in the shadows with long hair and a cleft in his chin? He's your vampire. No matter how tempting it might be, do not "accidentally" acquire a paper cut on your finger and suggest your vampire kiss it to make it better. Play it cool. Don't offer to accompany your prince of the night on the talk-show circuit, and whatever you do, don't offer him your heart! Most of all, remember: being a vampire is nothing to laugh about.

Ok, so I finished this book in the weeeee hours of the night, half asleep, but I just had to get to the end.

At first I was kind of iffy, I wasn't sure this was the book for me.  Sure, the main character, Joy, had a lot of snarky one liners that I just love.  But there seemed to be a lot of confusion.  One moment Joy suspects person A is a Dark One (vampire, if you will) the next moment she suspects someone else, and so on and so forth.  There were a few times I suspected several different and multiple people.  One of my first instincts was right. But being inside her mind... well, it just kind of felt like it was all over the place.

But why did I like this book?  Raphael St John.  Yummy.  He made me wish this book had pictures, for oh so many reasons.  Ladies, I'm sure you understand :)  But even aside from that, he's an alpha male.  Gotta love that!! A tattooed European alpha male.  He's cool, calm, collected.  He's strong and he's got a secret.

I'm going to read the second book, I'll even go so far to reserve it at the library. I just checked, and as it turns out it is about... oh, you almost got me there.  I can't tell you!!  That may (or may not?!?) spoil this book?