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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jigsaw - Ted Brogden

Jigsaw by Ted Brogden
340 Pages, Published January 2011
Format read:  Kindle, purchased by myself

From Goodreads:

Even in a drunken stupor it is hard for airline captain, Cape Thomas to ignore his recurring vision of a beautiful woman and the swaddled baby she holds. On a rare, sober day he begins a casual search through college yearbooks and yellowed courthouse records in hopes of finding the one who got away. Instead, an unrecorded codicil suggests their one union was fruitful and reveals a possible heir to an old-moneyed family used to scams and scammers making claims against the estate. After run-ins with a cabal of bankers, lawyers, in-laws, outlaws, and even the F.A.A. Cape begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together...

This book is about the life journey of a man, Cape Thomas. This isn't my usual type of story, and I was determined not to like it.  A book without weres, vampires, witches or fae?  What?!? 

 My honest opinion? I loved it. There were several plot lines to follow, the main character is a charismatic man who is in the process of finding out who he really is. Lots of twists and turns, and just when you think one thing, here's another.  And it all went so well together.  I really found myself caring for Cape and his crusade (ok, its not like he's batman...). 

I don't know if it is me being picky, but I do have a con to add.  But please note that I got over it, and I am sure that you will too (unless it is just me, then don't sweat the small stuff!)  My con is that sometimes the passage of time bothered me.  It seemed like one moment the story was in one place and time, and then the next paragraph it was a whole new place and time.  I did find myself rereading a couple passages over.  However,  it didn't detract from the story for me.

I really can't say more without saying too much. Read it, give it a chance. You won't be sorry.