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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom....

Ok, so the title of this post happened cause I had a Pink Floyd fest in the car on the way home from work today.  And my three year old daughter told me to turn it louder :0)  I couldn't be more proud!

And then it made me think of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  All through that series I hear Pink Floyd going as a soundtrack in my head.  When Lash is being a ...ahem, d.b. and has Xhex kidnapped, I hear him playing Pink Floyd "Dirty Woman" in the background.  Or when Zsadist (my one true love, btw) is going through some of his emotional stuff, I hear "Empty Spaces".  I could go on and on how Pink Floyd is just perfect for the BDB.

Then I started noticing I do this with a lot of books.  In the Chase Brothers series from Lauren Dane I got on a total country kick, and every time they when to the bar or the Tonk I could hear Dierks Bently "Am I the only one (who wants to have fun tonight)".  And that whole series just set me off on a country kick, listening nonstop. It was a perfect sound track for me.

But its more than that.  I also cast the characters for my wishful thinking movie version of the books.  Like Wrath in the Black Dagger Brotherhood is totally Peter Steele.

And Rhage is Jason Lewis (from Sex and the City fame)
And Tohrment could totally be played by Liev Shriber 
And well, a young Sebastian Bach for Phury, And Xhex would totally be Pink, when she had black hair!

I could go on and on, I do this for most every book I read.  I don't mean to, it just happens.  

So please, I'm dieing to know.... who would you pick for what role, or what music would you pick for a soundtrack, and why?