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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meme: Movie Cast

Fictional Candy

So here it is, my first meme that I'm hosting! This first one is going to post now as kind of a early run (plus give me time to advertise it), but my actual schedule day is going to be Fridays (I think), giving a whole weekend if needed.  But honestly, it doesn't matter what day you post, I just hope you participate!

It's really easy to do. Just pick any book you like - it doesn't have to be the same book as me (but it can be), and cast it for the movie you wish it'd be made into! Comment, pass on, come back here and link to your post, and view someone elses.  Make sure you leave a comment and a link at their blog so they know you visited!  And link to Fictional Candy in your post or use my button code up above.

You can make it as extravagent as you want, or as simple as you want. Want to add locations? Or a soundtrack? You don't have to add pictures, but it sure does help :) Live or dead actors/models/cartoons/animals, it doesn't matter!

Here's mine, to start. And its a doozy. But I've been obsessed with casting it ever since I started reading the series.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood, JR Ward

Part 1 - The Brothers (I'll do supporting characters in another week's post)

 Wrath - Peter Steele

 Rhage - Jason Lewis

 Zsadist - Vin Diesel

 Phury - Brad Pitt (circa "Interview with a Vampire")

 Tohr - Liev Schreiber
Vishous - this guy

 Butch - Mark Wahlberg

 Darius - David Boreanaz

So that's it.  Easy?  I hope so!!  Please join in!!


  1. Thanks :) I'll have to wait and see if it takes off or divebombs lol.

  2. really nice...drooling already.. I'm so going to participate in this meme. movies and books! now you are talking.

    New follower!

  3. I love it! I especially love your Butch, Zsadist and Rhage!

  4. Thank you Cecilia! I hope the linky thing works, its my first try with it. *crosses fingers*

    Ashley, thank you too! And btw, I just love how you say "your butch zsadist and rhage" cause that's how I think of them, Mine! <3 lol.

  5. I've seen David Boreanaz listed as Butch several times but he would make a pretty good Darius too.

    I have a hard time with Z and Phury. It would have to be the same actor since they are twins and I can't really think of an actor that would be good as both.

  6. Fun idea, Liz. I've added the link to my 'follow' list on blogger.

  7. love love love!! the only one i dont agree with is the casting for Zadist and thats just because i think that vin deisel is too familiar a face and also the same person should play both him and Phury. they are twins after all :P i may play with photo shop and see what i can work up for the twins. as for david borendes i love him no matter what hes in....i have every season of buffy, angel and most of bones lol i may be a bit obsessed :P

  8. Greetings! We are, the web's premier "fantasy casting" book-as-movie site. Our members currently have 26 posted casts spread across the Black Dagger books - go take a look. And you can post a note pointing back here, too. :) Happy casting!

    Jeff Reid
    "for the movie in your mind"

  9. I love all the men you picked! The only one I don't agree with is your chooice for Vishous. I see him bigger, with darker hair, and goatee. This is so fun! I think I will post my idea of Vishous and my soundtrack I created. I know, I'm such a dork!

  10. LOL, I get a lot of flack for seeing Vishous as a blond. I can't help it! I also picture a bit of a scene haircut, but this is as close as I could come. I would love to hear a soundtrack!! Leave me a link if you do post it up :)

    Also, check out this weeks entry I did for the Silver Dragons by Katie MacAlister :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I will post for sure! I just tried to become a follower of your blog...hope I did correctly!

  12. Hi Tami,

    I don't see the follower on here, but I do see it when I log in to the Networked blogs account, so it is there. Maybe it just takes a moment to show up. I just installed that widget today, so I'm not really sure yet :) But thank you very much for the follow, and I would love to see your post!

  13. Liz, how do post just a word doc of my soundtrack?

  14. I think just copy/paste it, if its in word. :)


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