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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Perfect Plan - Ty Hutchinson

Format: Free ebook for Kindle on Amazon

From Amazon:
From the author of the wickedly funny action-thriller, Chop Suey, comes a psychological thriller that shows you how bad your day can get, when your perfect plan is perfectly wrong for you and perfectly right for someone else.

For Blade and Angel, everyday is about their next high. Tired of the daily jobs needed to support their habit, Blade hatches a scheme for a bank heist. It’s the perfect plan.

Suddenly things go terribly wrong. Their plan crumbles and now they’re forced to find a way out of this mess. And if that’s not enough, someone in the bank just killed a hostage and it wasn’t them.

I had high hopes for this short story, it takes place in Detroit (hometown!).   Those hopes….well, let’s just say I didn’t get what I wanted.

It starts off with a couple committing a bank robbery.  It feels an awful lot like that scene in Pulp Fiction with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin.  There’s a lot of speech that feels forced.  People just don’t speak like that, in my experience. 

Right away, the Babe kills two people, quite drastically (although what murder isn't drastic?).  Either these are two of the most ignorant bank robbers in history, or they just don’t care.  You don’t kill people right off the bat!

There seems to be a lot of rough language, gore and violence just for the sake of having it, not because it makes sense in the scene.  The police are inept, along with SWAT and FBI. 

But then we get a peek that something else is amiss.  The headcount is wrong.  Then someone has to go to the bathroom (and yet they aren’t afraid to ask after seeing two people get murdered).  The bodies begin to pile up.

Granted, this story could have worked.  It was a good idea.  But I just don’t feel it was well suited for a short story.  This story kind of felt like a B-Movie to me, which may have been the intent.  I was just hoping for more.