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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bind Me - Stacey Kennedy

Title: Bind Me (Pact of Seduction #1) (Novella)
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Format: Ebook won from Bitten By Paranormal Romance and Stacey Kennedy

From Goodreads:
Four best friends embrace their fantasies and make a pact of seduction to live out their deepest and darkest desires. The women place their lives in the hands of fate and one short straw declares Marley will be the first to awaken her secret wishes. 

Reed, a Dom at sex club Castle Dolce Vita, has lived the BDSM lifestyle for awhile, but has yet to find a submissive that suits him. That is until he meets Marley, a woman seeking to indulge her fantasies. 

As Reed guides her through a night of pleasure, Marley brings more to him than a perfect submissive--she stirs emotions in him long ago lost. By binding Marley, he runs up against his own limits, and now he has to choose between his self-protective barriers or surrendering to the wildfire Marley has reignited in his heart. 

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, including spanking.

I had wanted to win this novella so very badly, and I did!! So thank you very much to Bitten By Paranormal Romance and Stacey Kennedy!! 

This was a deliciously naughty novella. Marley and her friends have decided life is boring. So one night while hanging out with eachother, they make a pact. A pact of seduction. They each tell a fantasy and promise to fulfill it. Then they draw straws, and Marley’s is shortest. She goes first. 

Marley’s fantasy is… BDSM! So they sign her up online at a website catering to the lifestyle. That very night Reed (or should we say, Master Reed) has given up his sub to another Dom so that she can get what she needs – already proving he is a sensitive (yet Dominant) man. Reed goes onto the same site and its lust and need at first sight when he sees Marley. He contacts her right away. She is as blown away over the phone and by his picture as he is by her, and they make plans to meet. 

Marley is new to the lifestyle and you can feel that as she waits in her car and then screws up the nerve to go into the sex club where they are to meet. Then there’s paperwork etc etc. But Reed puts her at ease, she isn’t embarrassed or nervous. She just wants to please him. 
I really enjoyed this story. It had the steamy bdsm sexual activity. 

There was a strong sense of duty, of doing right by the sub and by the Dom. You even get a little something more than lust, but I’m not going to tell you what! And really, anything beyond this point is a spoiler. But I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in adult reads, erotica, or BDSM. You will not be disappointed!