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Friday, November 25, 2011

Google Friend Connect is Closing

For some of us bloggers, anyway.

So this blogpost from the Official Google Blog says that its discontinuing use for all non-Blogger sites.  That means anyone who uses Wordpress, Tumblr, or some other type of blog will not be able to connect to Google Friend connect to allow their users to follow them.  That also means that if you use a reader that pulls the info from GFC,  you are going to lose some of your feeds that you follow.  This is going to hurt our little blogging world.  Some people think it won't affect them.  But do you realize how many blogs you follow are not actually a part of Blogger?  More than you'd realize.

Below is the official post from Google.

So I haven't completely decided what I will do.  At the time of this posting I have installed the Wibiya bar, which has links to all of my social networking availability.  There are lots of apps you can add on to there.  It's not very intrusive, so it shouldn't mess up the look of your blog too much.

I've also started paying a bit more attention to my Google+- which I don't really care for and don't want to have to maintain a whole new page.

But I'm a new blog.  I don't have many email subscribers.  Maybe this will help me gain some.  Maybe some will follow my facebook page, Fictional Candy on FB.  Maybe some will follow me on twitter.  I'm sure I will lose a few followers.  I am sure you will too.

So what are you going to do to get around this?  Do you feel it affects you?

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