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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hey heyyyy, It's Sunday!

So this is where things stand right now, with Fictional Candy.  Currently there is the Thanks for the Books Hop happening right now.  If you haven't entered yet, make sure you do so.  You can win $10 gift card to Amazon or  Barnes & Noble!  And I've opened it internationally.  So as long as you can shop at Amazon or B&N, you can enter :) This giveaway is open until November 14, so make sure you tell your friends.  It's so easy to enter, just give me your name and email.  Of course I'd love you to follow, twitter, or facebook me, but its not required!   On this giveaway I am also trying out Google Docs for a form entry, versus the Rafflecopter I used for the Spooktacular Hop.  Finding out which one I like more.  I think Rafflecopter is easier and more efficient. But we will see :)

I am still debating when to do my kids book giveaway.  I have 3 books, and then 2 parenting books (which perhaps I should have read considering my daughter...) from Supernanny.  I'm also trying to think of a good title for the giveaway.  I'm going to give away both prizes... Maybe I'll get to that this week.

Also, little pet peeve here... Don't you just hate when you have found a blog and you think, this is awesome, and you start reading it then... wait, what?  They haven't posted in 6 months?  A year?  Darnit!!!  I just had that happen to me - again - this morning.  So disappointing!

I had a very lucky week this week.  I won a total of 7 books *and* a gift card which allowed me to get 3 more books.  That is so entirely exciting for me!!  Yay!!

So I guess that's it for now... Oh wait, another thing.  Does anyone out there still read VC Andrews?  I have two brand new hardcovers (#1 & #2 in some series, I forget which one off the top of my head) that I'm thinking about doing a giveaway.

I am also getting some Harlequin books together for another giveaway!!

Oh, and I signed up for the Gift Card Hop in December with I am a Reader, Not a Writer.  Any suggestions on what stores to give gift cards to?  This hope is open to any store, not just book related.  A real Christmas  treat :)

Knock knock...anyone out there?  *crickets chirping*  Hello?  :)  Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!