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Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Worship a Goddess - Stephanie Julian

Format: Netgalley ebook, release date December 2011

From Goodreads:
He's exactly what she's always wanted. And she unleases him like a force of nature... 
Lucy was once the beloved Goddess of the Moon, and she could have any man she wanted. But these days, the goddesses of the Etruscan pantheon are all but forgotten. The only rituals she enjoys now are the local hockey games, whereone ferociously handsome player still inflames her divine blood... 
Brandon Stevenson is one hundred percent focused on the game, until he looks up and sees a celestial beauty sitting in the third row. A man could surely fall hard for a distraction like that..

“Wow.  Just… Wow.”  To steal a line from the book, that sums it up for me.  I read this book in two evenings, that’s how much I loved it.

How To Worship a Goddess, a Goddess named Lucy, actually.  Even more exact, Lusna Etrucian Goddess of the Moon.  Lucy is one of the Forgotten Goddesses, Goddesses mainly in name and diminishing power.  She’s worshiped by some still, namely the Lucani (skin shifters, werewolves).   Lucy has been feeling obsolete since her powers have been dwindling.

In walks Brandon Stevenson, Brand for short.  He’s a hockey player for the minor league, Railers.  He’s in his mid thirties and also feeling like his career on the ice is coming to an end soon.    Then he starts noticing a beautiful woman at every home game in the same seat.   And she is definitely noticing him.

When these two finally meet up there is no denying the instant and electric chemistry.  And oh my goodness, the sexy scenes are hot enough to singe the sun!  Seriously, if you want to read a very well written sexual scene that doesn’t just use words for the sake of using them, then this book is for you.

I really loved the way that Brand and Lucy interacted together.  Instant chemistry, love at first sight, call it what you will.  You know they are in it together.  Even a mind erase couldn’t keep them apart!

But then they learn that Charun may be coming for her, to basically consume Lucy and take over her powers.  She wouldn’t be the first Goddess down.  And Brand is feeling so very awfully protective and well… alpha.   Yeah, I said it.  That man is a wonderful beast of an alpha male.   He doesn’t want to just have sex with Lucy.  No, he wants to dominate her sexually, make her realize the depth of her own need for him.  And the way he goes about that is just so confident and…hot.  It will leave you speechless.

                                “She hadn’t torn him to shreds in the throes of madness.  No, he’d fucked her into complacency.  Wow.  Just…Wow”.                                                                                                    

How could you deny something like that?  There’s a few twists here in this book that I really loved.  The Tukhulkha demon lets a little information slip that is a total game changer.  And you, the reader, don’t get to know immediately what it is.  Stephanie Julian wisely  and craftily and slowly increases the heat and the intensity of the story until you think this is it, it can’t get any better!  And then it does! 

I really love an alpha couple that are in tune with each other.  A look, a whisper, a gesture.  Something small that indicates they are not only on the same page, but the same sentence.  Brand and Lucy definitely have that going for them.  They seem to have an almost telepathic connection, perhaps more empathic.  Whatever is it, it works for them.

And Lucy’s loyal and loving family and friends open the floodgates of knowledge on Brand, filling him in on the different points of the Etrucians.  In it all you can see their love for her, their desire to not only keep her safe but happy.

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a hot and steamy paranormal romance.  This book has everything you are looking for.  Shifters, witches, demons, Goddesses, and a hockey player (or a few!)  This book is #2 in the series.  However, I haven’t read the first one and I felt this book easily was able to stand on its own.  But now that I’ve had a taste I’m going for the whole thing and starting at the beginning.  

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble