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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intricate Entanglement - Su Halfwerk

Title: Intricate Entanglement
Author: Su Halfwerk

Published: March 2011, Damnation Books
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

From Author Website:
Trapped in a lunatic asylum and compelled to listen to the stories of the deranged patients, Doug Pinkham becomes entangled in the twisted mind of a cold-blooded killer. As the reporter tries to get to the bottom of a mysterious murder case, he gets more than he bargained for. He must separate truth from fiction as he realizes he no longer controls his own world. But will Doug manage to escape the asylum, or will the killer's stories lure him into an enigmatic world full of mazes, each so fascinating that he can't stop listening?

This was indeed a very interesting story, a fresh approach at a compilation of stories.  I liked it quite a bit and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a quick read with lots to offer via horror, thriller, mystery and dark fiction.

First we come upon Doug Pinkham, a reporter on his way to a mental hospital to interview Dr. Martin regarding some visits a recently deceased man had made.  On the way his car breaks down, and he decides to walk, or run, the rest of the way.  It’s already eerie and that’s the first chapter.  There is a scary thudding noise, a strange absence of other sounds and movement, and fog that seems to disappear.

When he gets to the hospital Dr. Martin is with a patient, and an orderly offers to give Doug a tour to kill some time.  This is where the creepiness begins.  The orderly begins to tell Doug a series of stories of the patients living in the hospital; some gruesome, some horrific, some just very unusual.  But one thing is certain - you wouldn’t want to be in any of them!  My favorite is titled “Odd”.  I found that one to have a slight little surprise twist, and I enjoyed that.  But they all definitely had a sense of flair, and were all so different.  
Stories within a story, you definitely get to experience everything that is Equanimity Psychiatric Hospital. 

As this story goes on you find yourself looking for clues and trying to figure out what the heck is going to happen next.  It is definitely a fun and imaginative read!  I kept questioning myself if things were as they seem, and each turn of the page brought another surprise. 

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