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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meme: Movie Cast (2)

Fictional Candy

It's really easy to do.  Just pick a book, and cast it for the movie you wish it'd be made into!  Comment, pass on, come back here and link to your post.  And link to Fictional Candy in your post :)

Rules?  You can make it as extravagent as you want, or as simple as you want.  Want to add locations?  Or a soundtrack?  You don't have to add pictures, but it sure does help :) Live or dead actors, it doesn't matter!

And if you want to do the same book, go for it!  I'd love to see how you envision the characters.

This week I choose....

Silver Dragon Series, Katie MacAlister

Gabriel - Jason Momoa

May - Vanessa Hudgens

Cyrene - Vanessa Hudgens

(Very Pregnant) Aisling - Milla Jovavich?

Drake - (younger) Chris Noth

Magoth - Rudolph Valentino

Sally - Jennifer Coolidge

Effrijim "Jim" - This dog

Kostya - Tom Cruise? (circa Cocktail)

So what book do you pick?  Tell me in your comments, or post your own blog entry!  Do you agree with my choices?


  1. Haha Liz, The photo of the dog is how I picture dog Jim. I love his character. Goodwork on the characters as well. which reminds me I need to get the other books on this series.

  2. Hi Cece :) I love Jim too! He has the best one liners ever lol. At first I was picturing him like a little black bulldog, but they keep saying he is a Newfoundland and he is always so concerned about his hair, i figured I'd better change my opinion!

  3. Jason would be the perfect Gabriel...but Vanessa Hudgens? I dont think so.... May is a bit more smart-looking based on the book's descriptions on her..


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