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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up 11-20-11

It's the wee hours of the morning here... Ok, its not really.  It's like 7:10am.  But on a Sunday that feels a bit wee.  :)

So this has been a busy few days for Fictional Candy!

I just wrapped up my stop on the tour for For Queen and Country and I've emailed that winner. They will receive a copy of the book, very exciting!

I also have another giveaway happening, my Kids and Parents giveaway   which is going on until November 22, 2011.  I'm pretty excited with how many entries I am receiving for that.  If you haven't entered yet, be sure to get over there soon.  There are TWO prizes there.  One prize is 3 brand new children's books, and the other is 2 brand new Supernanny books.  If you know me, I probably should have read those books, eh? Haha.  Just kidding....maybe.

I've also reviewed a few books this week, and they were all really good!  Seriously, check them out.

  • Intricate Entanglement, by Su Halfwerk A horror/dark fiction about a reporter who goes to a mental hospital to ask some questions about a mysterious death.
  • Dreaming of the Wolf, by Terry Spear A female bounty hunter after the mob, a werewolf, and a whole lot of action (wink wink).  #8 in the series, but as far as I can tell they all can work as stand alone books.  I know this one did.  This one will be released on Kindle December 1 and print on December 6. 
  • Ungrateful Dead, by Naomi Clark A short story about Ethan Banning, whom some of you may have met in Afterlife.  In this case PI Ethan is on his way to a morgue to investigate what appears to be a haunting. This story is #1 in the Ethan Banning Files
  • Demonized, by Naomi Clark A novella about PI Ethan, after Afterlife in the timeline. Ethan is dealing with the remains of the cacodaemon left inside him and on the case of a missing girl named Rhian. This story is #2 in the Ethan Banning Files
Next up I am going to start The Voice of Waterfalls, by Natasha Salnikova. A book about a girl who escapes one kidnapping horror story, only to be stuck in another. 

This week I received The Calling in print from Ashley Lynn Willis!!  This was my first author requested review, so you can imagine my excitement at receiving the book in the mail after reading the ebook.  Thank you again, Ashley!

And I received signed copies of Dark Seeker and Dark Beauty from Taryn Browning .  Thanks Taryn!

Yesterday I took my daughter to our local library book sale.  We made out like thieves.  Just look at all the books we bought!!  And yes, that is Gargoyle in there.  I was so surprised and excited to see that!

Oh, and we are about to get ready to leave, because I won tickets to Barney Live In Concert, Barney's Birthday Bash from Sweeptight.  
Thanks Sweeptight!!  

Ok, I have to get my daughter ready to go.  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!!