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Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Zombie Challenge

Challenge Details

• Timeline: 01 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

• Rules: There are FOUR (4) LEVELS to choose from:

- One Chomp: Read 6 Zombie books in 2012

- Two Chomps: Read 12 Zombie books in 2012

- Three Chomps: Read 18 Zombie books in 2012

- Four Chomps: Read 24 Zombie books in 2012
For more details, check out Book Chick City (and to sign up!)
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For my challenge, I'm going to go light - One Chomp - 6 Zombie Books!



  1. Yay *high five*

    Do you already have in mind what books you want to read for this?

  2. Yay!! I had to wait til today to post it lol. Anyhow, the only book I know for sure I want to read is "My Life as a White Trash Zombie". I just got a zombie anthology from a book sale, but I doubt that would really count. Do you know what you are going to read?

  3. Of course an anthology counts! Thanks for reminding me about White Trash Zombie. But I know that Flesh and Bone by Jonathan Maberry will be out in Aug, so I WIIL read that. Plus, I'll read the As the World Dies trilogy by Rhiannon Fratter. Then there are a couple more I might try, like World War Z. And Dearly, Beloved should be out in 2012.

  4. Well Heck Christy!! You are so way ahead of the game!! You should have picked a higher level, cause you are going to totally ace this challenge!

    Here is the anthology I just got. And I forgot it on the table when I left the booksale! By random chance I filled out a raffle entry, so they had my number and called. I would have been SO bummed!

  5. Oh! That's on my wishlist. There is a story from Max Brooks AND Jonathan Maberry in it. It TOTALLY counts!

    Glad you got it, though. I would've been so bummed too.

  6. Oh cool! I'll send this link to my zombie lover now too!

  7. haha, Katie, when I first read your comment it was like 4am and I just woken up on the couch. I read it and thought "does she mean she has someone who loves zombies, or her love is an actual zombie?" I think it kept me up for at least 20 mins thinking about what you meant!


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