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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones - Tessa Armytage

Format: Ebook provided by author for review

From Goodreads:
Bess Saint Clair is about to lose everything and the only man who can save her is Nicholas Blake. It's just a pity she can't stand him.

Nicholas is a record industry hotshot with a reputation for being a Big, Bad Wolf. That’s okay by publicist Bess – she’s the sort of Little Red Riding Hood who eats wolves for breakfast. From the moment Nicholas and Bess clap eyes on each other they share a common bond: they want to tear each other’s throats out.

When Nicholas discovers that the man he has hired for the job is a woman, he’d like nothing better than to boot her out of his office. When Bess discovers he is one of those creatures of prehistoric legend – a male chauvinist – she’d like nothing better than to flip him the bird and turn on her heel. 

But he needs her talent and she needs his money. 

Each is hell bent on teaching the other a lesson. Both are about to learn a lesson they’ll never forget. The battle over who will wear the pants will be fiercest when neither is wearing any.

Funny, tender and deeply sensual, Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones is set in a picturesque valley vineyard and features a heroic, shameless sausage extortionist of a dog who is almost as human, and every bit as unforgettable, as Nicholas and Bess.

It didn’t take long to realize that this book is so much more than just a love story.  It’s full of life, excitement, mystery, funny moments that will make you laugh, seduction, passion, heartbreak and tension.  And then even more on top of that.

But before I get to telling you how I feel about Bess and Nicholas, let’s talk about Bones.  Bones is a dog, but not just any dog.  The scenes with this dog will take you back and grasp your heart as you remember your favorite furry friend.  I laughed out loud, remembering how lucky I’ve been to befriend a dog or two in my lifetime.  This dog is full of personality and true to the synopsis – she loves sausage.  And she seems like she is indeed more intuitive and on the ball than her human counterparts.

Right away we meet Elizabeth and Nicholas.  To put it lightly, their first meeting does not go well.  But you can see sparks.  There is an electrical current that you can’t ignore.  Something is definitely going to happen.

“He was very still, so very still.  His eyes were all over her face; his lips parted but imparted no sound.”

I just loved that line.  It spoke to me.  You will see why when you read this book.  Unfortunately for you, I don’t like to give spoilers!

Nicholas is confident, living up to his player reputation.  Elizabeth is young and seemingly a little hot headed.  But they need each other.  He needs someone to do some PR work, and she desperately needs a job.  She fights tooth and nail, and she gets the job.

Nicholas gives Elizabeth a nickname.  Let me just say… As someone who is also named Elizabeth, I know just how many nicknames are available.  Lots.  Tons.  I’ve heard them all.  Libby, Betty, Eliza, Beth… you name it.  And none of those are my name.  I can totally feel Elizabeth’s frustration and irritation when Nicholas continually calls her Bess.  And then something changed.  She grew into it, and so did I.  No, don’t call me Bess ha-ha.  But I could completely understand how she was able to finally just go with it.  The man is charismatic, and it wasn’t long before I thought “Oh yeah, he could call me Bess.  Any.Time.He.Wants.
Of course there is some conflict, and a ton of passion.  Some scenes so steamy you will be absorbed and find yourself gripping the page.  The loves scenes were perfectly detailed and not the usual fare. Some were a bit erotic, some were sweet, and some made me sweat!

And then someone gets hurt.  And then another person. And your heart breaks right along with them.  I found myself thinking, “If they get together at this point, I will scream!!”  But at the same time wishing and hoping it would work out for them, because you know that what they shared was so perfect that some of us only dream of such a thing.  You get to go along on the trip with Bess.  You feel her jubilation, and you feel her heartbreak, and it is true and sincere.  Her pain is raw and real.  And personally, I felt like I could crawl right into bed too, and have that depressed cry that only comes after you've loved someone so entirely that your heart can't believe they are gone.

At first I had my reservations about this book.  I thought I’d get to read a love story; a satisfying, feel good love story.   I fully expected to enjoy it.  What I did not expect was a story filled with tension, passion, sensuality, and a feeling of “oh please let this work out for them!”  But that is what I got.  Oh, and a side of kink.  Hello?!?!  Is anyone on the speakerphone?  (That is most definitely an inside joke you will need to read the book to understand!)

This book will give you the unexpected.  You will go on a ride.  You will have some ups and some downs, and hope for this and “oh my goodness I can’t believe that!”   And it is definitely worth the read.

So come back in a couple days.  I’m going to have an interview with the author, Tessa Armytage.  And she is very graciously going to give away a copy of her eBook to one lucky winner.  Hopefully that will be you!

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