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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Demon Does It Better - Linda Wisdom

Author: Linda Wisdom
Format: NetGalley ebook

From Goodreads:
Bestselling author Linda Wisdom, with 13 million category romances sold, is working to build her single title audience with the hottest new area of the romance category– sexy demon heroes.
Lovely witch Lili Carter takes a job at a paranormal hospital where patients have been disappearing. There she encounters Jared, a dangerously sexy demon on a mission that gets Lili into a world of trouble. Lili can't avoid Jared for long and soon they find themselves creating a whole new kind of magick...

Before starting this book I expected to read something that was witty, humorous, fun, and of course paranormal.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  This book was every bit of what I’ve come to expect from Linda Wisdom and more. 

This book is about Lilianna, Lili for short.  Lili is one of the witches banned from the Academy in 1313 (along with Jazz, Blaire, Thea and some others).  She is a healer and a doctor – not to mention a very powerful witch.  She has just begun a new job at Crying Souls hospital.  Sounds like a creepy place, right?  You have no idea!  She is on the search for her friend Sera, whom disappeared without a trace while working at the hospital.  Worse yet – she’s not the only one.  But for some reason, no one is taking notice. 

While working there she is assigned to work downstairs, home to the mentally ill in the paranormal world.  There are seven patients and all are deemed to be very dangerous.  Of course they are, that’s why they have two giant ogre guards watching them around the clock, right? These two ogres are a real piece of work, definitely not beings you’d want to meet in a dark alley… or heck, even a light alley.  But Lili isn’t scared of them.  Lili isn’t outwardly scared of anyone.  She is a very strong female character, and that’s what I loved about her.  She was compassionate and caring, and made friends easily. 

She also meets the other patients, including one referred to by Dr. Mortimer as only Patient 1172.  There is instant attraction there, and it is definitely heated.  The thing is, Lili has seen Patient 1172 before.   Patient 1172 is a shadow demon named Jared.  Jared is every bit the paranormal lead character you hope to find in these books.  He is strong and caring, seductive , dark and mysterious.  And he knows what he wants.

I really enjoyed reading about Lili and Jared, watching their impossible situation grow and flourish.   The scene on the Ferris wheel was enchanting.  I could easily picture the twinkling lights below, the warm air, the heated presence of Jared next to Lili.  I felt his fear of heights, and how that diminished and the acknowledgement of his feelings – even if only to himself – endearing.

                “Lili’s eyes widened at his one-word declaration that vibrated with demon power the way it hadn’t when he said the word on the Ferris wheel.  While she didn’t know a lot about demons, she did know what just happened.”

The passion between the two of them was hot and yet very tender and romantic.  It definitely made me eager to turn every page and want to read more.
But let’s not forget who almost stole the whole show here.  Cleo… otherwise known as Cleopatra.  Yes, THE Cleopatra.  She is witty, seductive, caring and a bit of a party cat.  Wait!  Did I just say cat?  Let’s just say that once you see Cleo in action, especially when she gets loaded on cat nip wine, you will never look at felines the same again.  I really loved her character.  She often broke up the tension, or lent a soft spot when things were getting rough.  She is definitely a scene stealer, but helped make this story everything that it was.

Something else I really enjoyed was how the other witches were mentioned in this book.  If there is one thing I go crazy for (other than super hot alpha males) is crossover characters.  It really helps build the whole world, not just for a scene or even a book.  And Linda Wisdom does it wonderfully.  I’m really hoping that all of the witches will get their own book eventually.

Halfway through the book and I made the note in my notebook that I was in no way disappointed with this book.  I was wishing Lili and Jared could make more of a connection quicker than they did, yet the build up was wonderful.  There were several plot lines opened up in this story, and I was a bit worried how everything would come together.  But seriously, that was just silly of me to worry.  The author handled everything perfectly, and there isn’t a single thing I would change about this story.

A Demon Does It Better is number 2 in the Demons series by Linda Wisdom.  I haven’t read number one yet, but I knew that it was about a different witch.  I had no trouble understanding the timeline and felt that this book could easily stand alone.  But of course, I am definitely going to get my hands on Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Demons #1) just as soon as I can!

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About Linda Wisdom:
Linda is a born and bred Californian who’s written from the first day she could hold a crayon.
After she sold her first two books to then brand spanking new Silhouette Books she continued on, also writing for Dell Candlelight Ecstasy, Harlequin Books, Bantam Loveswept, and a romantic suspense for Kensington.
Her office shows the magick she likes to instill in her books with her collection of dragon and faery figurines, Pocket Dragons and Halloween Barbies.
Her Hex series, along with some of her backlist books, have been optioned for TV and movies.
She lives in Southern California with her husband, two dogs, a parrot, and tortoise that all create their own form of magick.