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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Demon's Slave - Danielle D. Smith

Format: Ebook provided by author/book tour for review

From Goodreads:
Rose, Nephil daughter of a Warrior of Heaven, has betrayed her celestial heritage by falling for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks: Skriker, tattooed half-demon hunter, and the most irresistible chunk of hard meat that she has ever taken to her bed. 

Rose knows that there is no love in all of Creation more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon, and that knowledge has left her terribly fragmented, despite her passionate love for her Halfling bad boy.

As Skriker's "Dirty 30" approaches, she will offer him the ultimate birthday gift: she will be his devoted sexual slave for three days and three nights, laying aside her angelic pride to fully commit to his pleasure (and hers) with every part of her being...and neither Heaven nor Hell will have any power to stop it. 

**Publisher's Warning: This sordid tale contains graphic BDSM sex, including forceful oral and anal sex, bondage, blindfolding, slapping/spanking, nipple clamps, toe-curling dirty talk, hot wax, and crazy hardcore sex in a church.**

First two lines:
“What am I doing? God, tell me I’m not insane” 
I was hooked right from that line.  It instantly lent to the intrigue that I hoped would follow.

I am a new reader to Danielle D. Smith, and I can say that I want to read more!  And I mean, like right now!  And thankfully I have some more from the Rose and Skriker series all set to read – because now I need it like a fix.

This story is about Rose, the child of a human and an angel.  And Rose is in a relationship with Skriker, a halfling demon.  The whole story is a battle of good vs. evil; light vs. dark, happy vs.… a lonely life alone without your soul mate.

First things first, you can’t ignore that this is an erotic story.  It is HOT in the hottest sense of the word.  The sex scenes were dripping with sensuality, kink, and lust.  They were done perfectly, and I couldn’t ask for more.  This is a good thing, because the sex is the majority of the story.  The BDSM level is high and explicit.  Readers wanting a bit more of an edge will definitely find it within these pages.

Rose is fighting her inner argument (and outward argument with her father) about her relationship with a demon.  But she loves Skriker.  No, not just love… it’s like they’ve finally found each other and live for each other.  The declarations of love in this story are absolutely tender and heart melting.  It is a raw emotional bond they share, and you feel it right in the core of your heart. 

And so that brings us to the leading man, Skriker.  Halfling demon shifter.  Platinum blond tattooed solid hunk.  Pure man.  This demon Master has perfection perfected.  The scenes with him were so hot they set my kindle on fire.  He worships the ground Rose walks on.  I haven’t read the stories leading up to this, so some references were lost on me.  This didn’t detract from the story at all.  But I did find myself feeling so bad for Skriker.  I want him to be happy and fully accepted for who he is, and the devotion he has! 
Hands down this story is hot.  It’s emotional.  It’s heartwarming.  I read it in one sitting, and I bet you will too.  Enjoy!
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