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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Karen's Happy Birthday - George Boxlicker - Cross Post by Anna @Readit_Blogit

A big thanks to Liz here at Fictional Candy for letting me cross post my review on her fantastic website!
I'm Anna and I run Readit..Blogit.. I was asked if I'd review some erotica, and thought why not, I've never read anything like this before so was sure in for a surprise =)

Karen's Happy Birthday by George Boxlicker
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George Boxlicker enjoys a great deal of popularity among the woman in the city where he lives, mainly because of his knowledge of their sexual wants and needs and his willingness to fulfill all their desires in bringing them and himself to peaks of sexual ecstasy. One of his favorite "ladyfriends" is Karen, a beautiful, sensual divorcee and, to celebrate her birthday, he takes her to a bed and breakfast inn located on the coast 100 miles north of the city where they live. George and Karen provide tremendous sexual joy to each other as they cavort in and out of bed, besides having fun by fooling their fellow guests and the rather stuffy management of the inn. On their last night there, George introduces Karen to a different kind of sex, one which has always intrigued her, but which she has always been too shy to ask him or anybody else about. Their carnal escapades in bed that night result in some of the most memorable orgasms either of them has ever experienced. This is a graphically detailed story of romantic love between a man and a woman. 

'Summery from Amazon'

Woahhh! I think that sums up my opinion on this book! This brilliant short story will have you feeling a tad flustered by the time you get to page 6 so be prepared to read the whole book!
I gotta admit I never read anything from the erotica genre before so I wasn't really sure what to expect. 
So I started this one with no sort of expectation just curiosity to be honest, George & Karen went away for the weekend celebrating her birthday at a inn in a historic town, when you think about erotica, and a friends with benefits type couple away for a weekend its kinda obvious what to expect within the reading but to be honest I didn't have a clue! So when it started getting a little steamy between the pages so to speak I was surprised but intrigued so had to keep reading.

The Author is very good when it comes to being descriptive, I wanna picture it all in my head without struggling to piece together the images, but the descriptions are so vivid and real it's like a movie like I'm watching them. With this genre though you gotta be descriptive or really there isn't much point. 

This is the kind of book I'd suggest reading with your partner, it would definitely be a plus for in the bedroom department because it definitely a storyline to turn someone on. Its a very sexy, smoking hot read and I will definitely recommend to people who are after spicing things up a little if ya get what I mean :)

I give this book..

 5 stars..

Happy reading 
Anna =)