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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Between Seasons - Aida Brassington Review/Giveaway

Format: Ebook provided by author for review

From Goodreads
Patrick Boyle dies in the fall of 1970, just days before he's due to report for the Vietnam War draft, which seems like a good thing until he realizes he's stuck in the house with no indication of when he'll be escorted to heaven. And after his parents leave the house, he's trapped without company -- until a mysterious woman who can channel his memories buys the house forty years later. The spring brings with it new life, but falling in love with the new owner may only bring heartbreak to them both

Wow.  This was a very interesting story.  A ghost story, for sure, but not in the scary sense of the word.  The entire story is told from the point of view of Patrick, a 19 year old that has just died.  His death is certainly tragic, but you get to escape some of the sadness of it since you know he is still around.  However, as he is immediately aware of his death and he watches life unfold before him, you can’t help but be a bit saddened over this loss.   I really liked the way the author portrayed it all though, Patrick’s expectations versus the reality of what the hereafter was for him.

Fast forward forty years into the future, our present. It is 2010 and a girl in her mid-twenties has just bought Patrick’s house.  She is a bit unusual herself, and things are a bit off right from the gates with her.  But this isn’t a bad thing.  I instantly liked Sara.  And while I wished there were some points where the story could have been told from her point of view, with Patrick watching on with such a keen eye you don’t miss a thing.  It’s very interesting how these two begin to interact with each other, and one of them doesn’t even realize it – at first. Sara is definitely sensitive to his presence, and seemingly almost speaking to him at times. 

Patrick is unable to leave the house, and he doesn’t really know why.  This is such a hard constraint for the author to introduce new characters and yet she does it beautifully.  You don’t long for much outside those doors, other than you desperately wish Patrick could venture out them himself.  For being a young man of nineteen years old, he certainly is a mature man.  Of course, he’s had forty years of near isolation to mature.  It’s a wonder he didn’t go stark raving mad. 

Sara is a likeable character.  She’s recently divorced and not without her own baggage and drama.  But you are definitely rooting for these two to be able to interact, to become aware – to be together.  And once the ball gets rolling, you almost think it is too good to be true.  Something happens that could absolutely change their lives forever – together and apart. 

There is one particular character that I absolutely did not like.  I'll keep their identity a secret, for the sake of a spoiler.  However, this person is just an irony of the facade they are trying to put forth.  I wanted to smack that person so much!  Such nerve and cruelty, it made me wish for the couple only that much more.

This book was very well rounded, for basically taking place within one house over a 40 year time period.  I really grew to care for the characters, and shared their happiness, fears, and sadness.  I only wish it was longer - but luckily it looks like there might be a sequel in the works!

Haunting Paranormal Romance 

BETWEEN SEASONS, available in paperback and ebook
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Aida Brassington is an award winning writer who lives in a haunted house in the suburbs of Pennsylvania with her husband of five years and a Great Dane named Patrick. She loves all things related to Halloween and spooky movies, but not because she shares her house with a ghost (and it should be noted her ghost does nothing more than occasionally appear in the second floor hallway and hide her keys) — she just likes being scared.
She is a former political junkie with a deep interest in artisan food, reading, and scuba diving. She has never spent time in a mental institution but often questions her mental health.
Aida can be bribed with Vosges chocolate. Bribed into what? Well, that all depends.
Aida has been kind enough in offering an ecopy of her book up for a giveaway!  This will be open internationally to people age 13 an older.  Fill out the Rafflecopter for entries below.  Good luck!

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