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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bewitching Blog Tour: Entanglements by PR Mason Guest Post/Giveaway

Check out what author PR Mason has to say about Urban Spelunking and how it was an inspiration for her character, Kizzy.  I have to say, it sounds like fun!  Afterwards, enter for your chance to win a digital copy of Entanglements AND Fated Hearts!


Spelunking for a Character, by P.R. Mason
Inspiration for plot, characters and settings can spark at the strangest times and from the weirdest sources. For my novel ENTANGLEMENTS, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance, I knew I wanted the heroine, Kizzy, to be engaged in a hobby that reflected the feisty but reckless aspects of her personality. The hobby also had to lead her into a setting that would serve the plot, which by that time I knew would involve Kizzy's accidentally opening a vortex to a dangerous alternate dimension. The hobby also had to fit with my hero, Rom, an athletic alpha male who is soldier-tough and bent on doing his duty. The idea for the specific hobby that would fit my needs ultimately came from an anonymous Facebook posting.
But let me digress for a moment. To explain this properly, I have to go back to my appreciation of a television program called Ninja Warrior or Sasuke. I first found Ninja Warrior when, while catsitting, I flipped through channels until I arrived on one that the cat wanted to watch—signaled by vigorous meows and jumping up to sit in front of the screen. Anyway, Ninja Warrior includes contestants who must successfully pass through an increasingly difficult series of physical challenges to get to the final stage, which is a hand-over-hand rope climb up a metal mountain. My attention was caught by an American contestant not only because of his gorgeous muscles and aquiline nose, but also by the brief comment that his hobby was urban spelunking. I'd never heard of such a thing. A quick search of the Internet revealed spelunking is cave exploration and urban spelunking is exploration of abandoned buildings and tunnels.
Then I found this post on a Facebook page of a group devoted to urban spelunking in NYC: “If you’re interested in going on a spelunk ask yourself these questions: (1) Am I okay with getting arrested? (2) Am I afraid of getting tuberculosis, inhaling intoxicants, etc? (3) Am I okay with getting cut up?  (4) Do I know how incredibly dangerous and stupid this is?”
Since Savannah, Georgia—the setting—has a number of tunnels connected to nefarious activity or tragic circumstances, I knew I'd found the perfect hobby for my heroine. I'd found the hobby that would lead Kizzy into an abandoned building, through a reportedly haunted tunnel, and ultimately, into another world.

By P.R. Mason


Teen KIZZY TAYLOR is just hoping for an evening of fun when she joins her friends in a spelunking expedition through an under-city tunnel. But fun turns bizarre when Kizzy accidentally opens a vortex and her stepsister is swept through to an evil alternate dimension. The only way to rescue her stepsister is to reopen the vortex and go in after her. But is her new boyfriend, ROM CALIXO, going to help Kizzy or try to stop her? And if she can get past Rom, will she be able to get back home?

Entanglements: She is driven by love. He is bound by duty. Together they are swept through a vortex into a world of adventure and danger.  Read it and find out why the reviewer for the Anipal Times said “I totally fell in love with the hero, Rom, ...Entanglements captivated me."
P.R. Mason writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance under the name Patricia Mason and young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy as P.R. Mason. She escaped from the snowy Midwest winters of her youth. She now lives in Savannah Georgia where her home is ruled by two black cats. For more titles by the author, visit and You can also follow the author @prmason on Twitter

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