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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bewitching Blog Tours: Stacey Kennedy Interview - Supernaturally Kissed

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy.  That review is HERE.  This week I have the even better pleasure of interviewing Stacey, herself!  Here's that interview, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hi  Stacey, it’s nice to talk to you again!  Happy Leap Year Day!  (that’s a holiday, right? LOL).
 LOL! It has to be!! It’s always great to be here!

So I’ve just recently finished Supernaturally Kissed.  What a great story!  Can you tell our readers something about this story that isn’t in the synopsis?
Thanks! All in all, the Frostbite series is about a woman who has a gift to talk to ghosts. It’s the journey of her understanding why she can do this and each book in the series will give more answers. But within each book there will be a mystery of some kind that has to be solved and there’s also the romance between Tess and Kipp—a ghost that has stolen Tess’s heart.

And how did you come about the characters of Kipp and Tess?
It was odd really, but this story just smacked into my head when I was writing another. I liked the idea of a woman paired with a ghost and all the conflict that came along with it. To be honest, I had no clue how the series would unfold when I started writing SUPERNATURALLY KISSED. But after I wrote the second book, DEMONICALLY TEMPTED it became clear cut. I know exactly what will happen in all four of the books and how the series will end.

I really loved Tess’s best friend Caley.  She was very personal and fun, with a wild side.  Will we see more of her in the future?
YAH! I’m so happy you enjoyed, Caley. Some people love her while others want to hurt her. LOL! But that’s just how her character developed. She’s very protective over her friend, Tess and that’s because of what Tess goes through. But Caley is also very overbearing and in your face.

The thing I love about their friendship is that Caley isn’t perfect. She has major flaws. And while some might think her annoying for that reason, I love her for it. It makes their friendship more real to me because people are flawed. But one thing is so strong between them and that’s loyalty. Caley accepts Tess with all her ghost seeing abilities and Tess accepts Caley for her pushy ways. It’s a friendship that I really enjoy to write.

And yes, you will see more of Caley. She has a very small role in book two of the Frostbite series, which is currently in the hands of my editor. But she will also make appearances in all of the other books as well. Truthfully, I’d really LOVE to write a novella about Caley and Zach, so that might be in the future too!

If you were making a movie of Supernaturally Kissed, who would play Tess and Kipp?
 For Tess Jennings, I’d have Olivia Wilde. She is an exact image of the Tess that I see in my mind. The picture below couldn’t be more perfect.

For Kipp, I’d want Paul Walker. Of course, he’d have to wear a colored contact to make one eye brown to be the perfect Kipp, but he’s pretty much spot on too.

So Stacey, do you like to listen to music or munch on anything while writing, or is it straight to business with no distractions?
It’s usually straight down to business. I can’t listen to music because it’s too distracting and I can’t focus. I’ve grown used to listening to my kids in the background so I can tune them out. Now I tend to write at the local Starbucks and it’s a busy place, but that kind of noise I can ignore. I really love music and am known to sing in my car so it’s really hard for me to be listening to music when I write because all I’ll end up doing is singing.

You also write some wonderful erotica and romantic erotica.  Is it hard to switch between a UF type story and a naughty erotica story?
 No not hard at all, but I’ll tell you that I can only write urban fantasy when I’m in the mood to write it. Erotic romance is easy to write in a way because of the subject matter. It’s not hard to get in the “mood” to write a sizzling hot story. However, when I write UF I need to be really rested and super focused to write it because it has more complicated plot lines. I have to really want to write the story and have that itch and excitement over it or it won’t happen. UF, though, is my favorite genre to write in so it makes me blissfully happy when I’m in that zone!

Now some lighter questions…. Winter or Summer? Summer

Favorite paranormal being? Guardians

What’s scarier, clowns or spiders? Spiders *shudders*

Favorite holiday? Christmas

And lastly, what can we look forward to from you in the upcoming months?
 Oh, there are so many releases it’s hard to wrap my head around it. The next Frostbite book, DEMONICALLY TEMPTED will hopefully make its way out into the world. It’s completed and ready to edit, so I’m hoping it’ll be out in a couple months or so.

BEG FOR IT, the next Pact of Seduction book comes out around the end of May. It’s a VERY HOT BDSM erotic romance novella and I enjoyed writing every word of that book. I do believe it might be my favorite novella ever!

In July, WEREWOLVES BE DAMNED will be released, which is coming out in trade paperback. I love the heroine, Nexi so I’m very excited to get these full-length novels out there.

And lastly, I’m still plugging away at THE CAT’S MEOW. It’s more than half done and in fact, all the chapters are mapped out, but I just haven’t had the time to get back to it. It’s going to be a self-published novel so once it’s ready it’ll be out nice and quick.

So yes, busy, busy times, but lots of fun book releases!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me today!  I really appreciate it J
 Thanks for having me! You know I love spending time with you!  J

Stacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll find fast paced action, life threatening moments and a big bad villain that needs to be destroyed. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller lists. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband.
Be sure to drop her a line at, she loves to hear from her readers.