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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vampire Blues - Stephany Simmons

Author: Stephany Simmons

Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Lian and Figg are still recovering from events that almost destroyed their lives, but when a good friend comes to them with a serious problem, they can't turn him away. Soon, Lian and Figg are neck-deep in local vampire politics and framed for a massacre they had little to do with. On top of that, the local werewolf pack is sniffing around, looking for favors.

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Vampire Blues is the second installment in the Lian and Figg series.  You can find my review to the first, Voodoo Dues, HERE.

Ok, so while I enjoyed the first book in the series, it really didn’t feel like a blockbuster to me.  This second story, however, was completely different for me.  I really enjoyed reading this story.  It was fun and edgy, and it was nice to get to know Lian and Figg a bit more.  But I still stand by my original statement that I would love to see these made into full length books.  That’s not because I think they need to be, but because I am enjoying the storyline.

Vampire Blues takes place not too far after Voodoo Dues.  This time around they have issues with vampires.  Vampire friends, vampire enemies, and vampire frenemies. Throw in a couple werewolves and other shifters, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a story. 

In my opinion, this story had a much more relaxed feel to it.  Lian and Figg had more chemistry, and kicked it up a couple notches in a few spots.  I am really digging Lian, and I totally picture him as Zachary Quinto!  There are a couple instances where he takes the upper hand in dealing with Figg, who can tend to go a bit off the rails if left to her own devices.  I liked seeing that stronger side to him, kind of like the Superman to his Clark Kent act in Voodoo Dues.

And Figg’s character is growing a bit too.  She’s still wild and a bit reckless, but you get to see her care for people and put them before herself. 

Just as in Voodoo Dues, there is no shortage of colorful characters.  Stephany Simmons definitely has a knack for introducing some humor into the people inhabiting her stories.  Carl has returned, and while not as flamboyant, he is still definitely a necromancer to watch out for.  We also get to know John, Skip, and Ross.  And The Edict, Mr. Edict as Figg says.

All in all, I really liked this book.  And I’d definitely say I enjoyed it much more than the first one.  I can’t wait to see if there is a third, and what kind of situations these people will get into next.  If it’s one thing I’ve quickly learned about the Lian and Figg series, expect the unexpected!