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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Broods of Fenrir - Coral Moore

Author: Coral Moore

Format: Ebook won from Library Thing, and provided by Bewitching Blog Tours for review

From Goodreads:
Shapeshifter Brand Geirson was raised to rule the Broods of Fenrir, but he refused his birthright. Instead, he killed their brutal leader–his own father–and walked away. 

For hundreds of years he’s avoided brood society, until a werewolf kills an innocent human woman and Brand finds himself dragged back into the violent politics of the shapeshifters. When the two brood women who mean the most to him come under threat, he must take up the throne and risk becoming the kind of vicious bastard his father was, or let the broods descend further into chaos–taking the friend he swore to protect and his lover with them. 

Contains Strong Language, Violence, and Sexual Situations 

For some reason, I was concerned I wouldn’t like this book.  I have no idea why.  The synopsis is great, the cover is hot.  It was a great book.  One that I'm going to give 5 stars when I post this on Goodreads.

Brand Geirson is a werewolf.  And for his “day job” he is a security guard.  He has basically severed many ties with the packs, which in this book are broods.  He has a few close friends, and that’s about it.  He’s a loner.  And, by all rights, he should be king.  Yep, king.

So this story starts with Brand being called to a homicide scene.  The woman has clearly been bitten by a werewolf.  This starts the series of events that lead to a completely powerful and beautiful story. 

Power.  It’s a strange thing.  If anyone knows me, they know I like to read about werewolves.  They are nearly my favorite, and some days they are absolutely my favorite.  I like to read about the ever present alpha male.  ahem, Alpha Male.  I think the Alpha Male is such an interesting character.  He’s the strongest, the smartest, most cunning, most loving, most …everything male.  Well, in Coral Moore’s Broods of Fenrir, Brand is that Alpha Male.  And then multiply that by a thousand.  Heck, he should be king, if he’d just decide he actually wants to be.   Everyone else already thinks of him in that capacity.   So this story isn’t just about a murder mystery, or a werewolf brood, or Brand becoming king.  It is about this character, this man, this wolf, coming to terms with who he is, where he is, and growing about a million percent as a soul within a few hundred pages.  Daunting, I know.  But it is totally accomplished in this book.

Am I gushing?  Yeah, a little bit.  Ok, let’s talk about power.  No, not power. POWER.  Cause that is what got me so excited in this book.  The sheer force of power this man has.  I can’t even describe it.  When I was taking my notes I tried several times to come up with something that would convey his power.  The guy is strong physically, yes.  Mentally, yes.  But beyond that, there is this animalistic …push.   There is a scene in a garage that will have you on the edge of the seat, waiting to exhale.  And it perfectly illustrates the sheer power within this man.  I mean come on; he is supposed to be king.  This ain’t no ordinary alpha wolf.  His power is awesome, and I don’t mean “cool”, I mean it produces awe.  You are struck with the cement wall, the iron sledge hammer that is Brand.  If anyone out there has some fan art of this man, please show me!!

Ok, enough of Brand (but not really!).  So this is a werewolf shifter book.  But one thing I noticed is that the author doesn’t have these people shifting into wolves every other page.  Nope.  Some people don’t even shift at all in the course of the book.  But yet there is no mistake they are werewolves, and it is conveyed beautifully.  When the people in the Broods of Fenrir give up their human control to the wolf, the wolf calls the shots.  The wolf is in control.  So every person in this book learns a great deal of self-control in order to lead a normal life.  It’s a very interesting take on the werewolf aspect, and I really enjoyed it. 

Let’s talk about the other characters.  There are quite a few, and wow, what a cast.  The author really fleshed out some very dynamic and interesting supporting characters in this book.  You have Alice, who is weak, kind of like the runt of the litter.  And Erik, the alpha male in his brood (um, and yet not king!!), who struggles to keep control of so many things.  Dagny, who I loved, then hated and then loved all over again.  Ingrid, Dagny’s mother, who is such a sadistic piece of work you wonder how she has managed to stay alive without getting murdered for so long. 

This story will bring a smile.  It will heat you up.  It will break your heart, and you may even drop a tear (or more!). But it is beautiful writing around a beautiful story, and it should not be missed.   And then you have the familial bond between these wolves that is beyond regular comprehension.  They are linked heart, mind and soul.  Emotions are shared.  Love is duplicated, fear and anger are magnified.   Somewhere in the midst of tragedy, Brand finds love in a female wolf.  She is a formidable match for him, stronger than most males in her brood.  But finding love isn’t on Brand’s agenda.  You find yourself hoping he can overcome his internal obstacles and take the jump, because you quickly grow attached to this man, and you want him to be happy.

So I won this book from Library Thing.  And then I signed up to do a review for it with Bewitching Blog Tours.  Everything in the booky universe was telling me to read this book, and I am so glad I did.  Once I started reading it, I barely put it down.  By the time I got to chapter six I was online seeking out more of this book.  And good news, there are two more in the Broods of Fenrir series. I’ve already got them on my kindle, waiting to read as soon as I get a chance. The titles are Feral Attraction and Chance Encounter.  Both are short stories, one is about Brand and one is about Erik.  I’m nearing 1000 words on this review, and I could probably easily go on for another thousand.  There is just so much to talk about.  But I will stop here, before I slip and give away some wonderful secret held within.  Go read this book.  And expect there will be a giveaway on it at a later date on Fictional Candy.  Cause, as with all of my favorites, I like to make sure I get them to you to read.  

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Oh, and bonus, there is an awesome Broods of Fenrir site, you must check it out too!

About the Author:
Coral Moore has always been the kind of girl who makes up stories. Fortunately, she never quite grew out of that. She writes because she loves to invent characters and the desire to find out what happens to her creations drives the tales she tells.

Prompted by a general interest in how life works, her undergraduate schooling was in biology. She follows science news and enjoys conversations about genetics and microbiology as much as those about vampires and werewolves. Coral writes speculative fiction and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Writing at Albertus Magnus College.

Currently she lives in Connecticut with the love of her life, who offers both encouragement and kicks in the tail when necessary. Also in residence are two mammals of the families Canidae and Felidae.

She released her first novel, Broods of Fenrir, in November 2011. Her next release, Elements of Rebellion, is due out in spring 2012.