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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marooned In Miami - Sandra Bunino - Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

Title: Marooned in Miami
Author: Sandra Bunino

Format: Ebook provided by author for review

From Goodreads:
Undeniable lust and a fierce Miami storm bring sexy strangers together at The Hotel Del Santos for a passion filled night.

Stephanie, still reeling from a failed marriage, needs a break from the past. She decides to take her friends’ advice and finds a perfect stranger for a night of no-strings-attached, smoking hot sex.

Jason, a wealthy Seattle builder has the worst luck with love. Swearing he would never allow another woman to get under his skin, Jason decides a life of casual sex is just fine with him. While watching Stephanie’s sexy stilettos click across the lobby floor he zeros in on his next conquest.

Cut off from the outside world, the lives of these two strangers collide and burn with desire when stranded in the perfect storm. Both are content with the idea of sharing a glorious one-night stand together, that is, until they go their separate ways.


Ok, I first learned of this book while I was hopping during a hop. After I spent about an hour drooling over the cover (you know it is hot), I read the synopsis and I really hoped I’d win a copy!! Well, I didn’t!!! LOL. But luckily for me,  Sandra and I were able to talk, and here I am in the lucky spot of getting to read and review! Woohoo!!

The basics - Jason is a wealthy man, and he is in Miami at The Hotel Del Santos after finding his girlfriend in a very compromising position. The girlfriends in his past have all been the same – gold diggers. You can't really blame him for being a bit jaded when you are constantly thought of as a walking wallet. But then he sees Stephanie. Zap!  Instantly he wants to talk to her, to know her, to... you know!

Jason follows her onto the elevator, which is not always the wisest place to be in a horrible Miami storm!

I really  loved Jason as a character. He is clever and charming, just the sort of guy who you think knows his way around a woman. But whats so wonderful about him is that he is also sincere and caring. That pretty much makes him near perfect, right? He takes matters into his own hands, and is determined.  Those are all terribly sexy traits!

The chemistry between Stephanie and Jason is electric, white hot, and sensual. This story definitely delivers on all counts of romance and erotica, while not being overly graphic in the sex scenes. Even without the graphic content you catch yourself holding your breath as you read. It definitely had enough steam and sensuality to make it interesting!
And then their one night stand is over and you want more! They both have to leave town, but will they hook up? I was hoping and wishing!!  And I am totally not telling you! Haha!  I love this couple and I can’t wait til Lusted In Las Vegas is released, because trust me – it looks like it will definitely live up to the title and its legacy!

Guess what! There's more!  Sandra Bunino is offering up an excerpt of this tasty book and a copy to one winner!  How awesome is that??  So read the excerpt, then cool off for a moment, fill out the Rafflecopter and leave a comment! 

Thank you Sandra, for offering up this awesome prize! 

Startled by an angry crack of thunder, she saw a flash of lightning through the lobby’s floor to ceiling glass window. The chandeliers all flickered in unison as the elevator doors opened. She swore under her breath, looked down at her three-inch heels and considered walking up the six flights of stairs to her room.

“Hey, is it okay to take the elevator in this storm?” she called to the front desk clerk who nodded and gave her a small wave.

A night stuck in the elevator was not in her plan. She debated for a moment about walking up barefoot when she heard a low voice to her right.
“How about we chance it together?”

She spun around to see the source of those words that washed over her like a slow moving current. Stephanie’s breath caught when she turned toward the source of the silky voice. His eyebrows raised and waited for an answer to his question. His lips curled to showcase his straight white teeth. He appeared out of nowhere; surely she would have noticed him in the lobby. A day’s growth of dark stubble covered his chiseled cheekbones below dangerous blue eyes. Stephanie’s heart raced, while she imagined her fingers combing through his dark wavyhair. Stop it, she thought as she shook her head slightly and hoped the action would rid her mind of these visions. One side of her said kick off those heels and walk up all of those damn flights of stairs, but the other told her to take him up on the offer. It was as if an angel and a devil sat on her shoulders. The devil was winning. The front desk didn’t foresee an issue with the elevator so why should she?

Stephanie’s eyes narrowed, careful not to give him any indication of the attraction she felt, even though his dark hair and tanned complexion made her insides turn to mush. There was something about his presence that made her feel sexy. She couldn’t make sense of the feeling. Heat coursed through her veins and straight down to her core. How could a stranger have that effect on her? I’ve got to start dating. I’m turning into a horny mess. She stepped inside the elevator and pushed the button for the sixth floor. The man followed closely behind, slid his key into the PH slot at the top and pushed the button.


Sandra's next release is due out in May is entitled SARA'S SMILE

Have you ever wondered what happened to your first love? Sara has her dream job at a top architecture firm, a swanky New York City apartment and the interest of a sexy builder she just hired for her new project. However, her idyllic world comes to a screeching halt when her first love and the man who has been invading her dreams, Will, turns up where she least expects him.

From the innocence of young love found on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard to the rekindling of love’s passion in New York City and Santa Monica, SARA’S SMILE will leave you breathless for more.

Then LUSTED IN LAS VEGAS will release sometime during Summer 2012!!
Stephanie and Jason’s sexy tryst continues in Sin City! Their chemistry is undeniable and lust is taking a turn toward love when they return to each others arms. However, all is not perfect in paradise when Jason’s ex comes to town.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my cover, Leigh!

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much!! Yes, Jason loves his martinis....dirty, of course. ;-)

  4. WOW at the cover. The excerpt is enough to make me want more. Interesting read. Can't wait to know how the story unfolds.

    Thanks for sharing your review and for the giveaway. :)

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  6. don't enter me to win I already read this and loved it!!! Anybody not sure if they should get it or not... GET IT definitely worth it!

    1. Thanks! I always love an extra vote on a great book!

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    Savannah and Ronda, thank you for reading and for the wonderful comments! A bouquet of virtual roses to both of you!

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    This book and your upcoming stories sound really good! Great review too... totally has me wanting to read what happens next!

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