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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busted in Bollywood - Nicola Marsh - Review/Giveaway

Title: Busted in Bollywood
Author: Nicola Marsh

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Shari Jones needs to get a life. Preferably someone else's.  Single, homeless and jobless, Indo-American Shari agrees to her best friend's whacky scheme: travel to Mumbai, pose as Amrita, and ditch the fiance her traditional Indian parents have chosen. Simple. Until she's mistaken for a famous Bollywood actress, stalked by a Lone Ranger wannabe, courted by an English lord, and busted by the blackmailing fiance.  Life is less complicated in New York.  Or so she thinks, until the entourage of crazies follows her to the Big Apple and that's when the fun really begins. Shari deals with a blossoming romance, an addiction to Indian food and her first movie role, while secretly craving another trip to the mystical land responsible for sparking her new lease on life. Returning to her Indian birthplace, she has an epiphany. Maybe the happily-ever-after of her dreams isn't so far away?
 This story definitely has a wacky twist to start!  Shari and Rita are Indo-Americans.  Rita’s parents have just arranged a marriage for her, but she is not ready to get married to a stranger.  Shari agrees to go to India in her place, to sabotage this engagement.  By Shari going instead, Rita is not directly disobeying her parents.  Loophole!  Added on top of that, Shari has recently broken up with her boyfriend.  And lost her job.  And she’s been evicted.  Yeah, definitely sounds like the girl could use a little vacation to clear her mind!  So off to India she goes. 

But India is definitely full of surprises!  Her visit there is packed full of fun and drama, and some of the best food you could hope to find.  Oh yeah, one of Shari’s favorite things is Indian food, and there is definitely a lot of that in this book.  Definitely make sure you eat before reading, or else you will get very hungry!

While in India she meets Drew.  Drew is a bit of a jerk at first, he’s looking out for his friend – her fake fiancĂ©, Rakesh.  Even though he’s a jerk, she is attracted to him.  Really, how could you not be?  Drew seems to be the perfect blend of everything you want in a man.  A bit mysterious, sexy, tall and handsome.  Filthy rich! Haha!  Not to mention he is very sincere and true to his friends and obviously into Shari in a big way.  I absolutely loved Drew, I think he was the perfect addition to this knockout cast.

This was a really fun story.  It was fast paced and full of action and drama.  Shari is witty, daring and fun.  And she has a sarcastic side that I really dug. Her thoughts were hilarious, but definitely a good thing she didn’t voice them all! Her best friend, Rita, seems like the awesome best friend we should all have.  She knew Shari so well that she can see past what Shari says into the real truth.  She gives Shari honest and sensible advice, and is just the all around great friend Shari needs.  Rakesh is a fabulous man with a terrific sense of humor.  I really enjoyed his insights and while not a major role in this cast, he is definitely a great character. Nicola really has a great talent for fleshing out the story, giving all of the characters and locations such great descriptions that you are instantly transported.  Whether it was India, NYC’s Central Park, or Shari’s apartment, I felt like I was right there. 

Busted in Bollywood has a lot to offer romance readers.  It is funny and dramatic.  There are some steamy scenes, but definitely safe enough for even teenagers to enjoy.  I really loved this story, and would recommend it to anyone.  I don’t by any means have an extensive knowledge of Indian culture, and this book didn’t leave me lost.  Everything was explained, but explained so flawlessly and well that I didn’t feel like I was reading a text book.  This story has a great flow, a lot of heart, and a superb cast.  I hope you get a chance to read it!

Wait!  You do get a chance!  Nicola Marsh has generously offered one ebook of Busted in Bollywood up for grabs in a giveaway!  Enter through the Rafflecopter below. Good luck to all of you! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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