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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fictional Candy Loves Hunky Heroes!

Hunky Hero Giveaway Hop

Oh yes, its here!  First, lets give a great big thank you and shout out, the wonderful women over at Riverina Romantics!  They are pretty damn awesome, and deserve some thanks for arranging a great hop!

Second, let's all take a moment and just stare at the lovely man who is gracing the button. Ready?  Set? Go! Ohhhhmmmmmm.  Yes, definitely lovely.  


This hop I am giving away one book from The Book Depository, so that means it is international as long as they ship to you!  You don't know if they ship to you?  Well, you can check that right here: Shipping Link
I'll list the books I'll offer up in this giveaway in a moment.  I wanted to tell you the second part of my prize!  Swag!!  Here is a picture of what I am including so far.  I also have some more coming in the mail, so I may very well add more! Included in this are trading cards, bookmarks, magnets, stickers, a Fictional Candy ink pen, and some temporary tattoos!

Ok, here are the books I've chosen.  Winner can choose one book from this list.  This is a Hunky Hero Hop, so I picked some of my very favorite Hunky Heroes!
Click on the picture to go to my review of each book, and find out exactly what you are getting yourself into!

Here are some more suggestions, which I haven't reviewed, but I've read books in the series so I know these are just as freaking awesome! Clicking on these will take you to their page on Goodreads. (although I did read Demon Kissed and it was fabulous!)

So there ya go, there are my choices. A little something for everyone.  So fill out the Rafflecopter!

Good luck everyone!

If winner decides to choose a book not in this list, value may be up to $15.00usd. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway