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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interview/Giveaway with Karyn Gerrard, author of Timeless Love

Interview with Karyn Gerrard, author of Timeless Love

1969—Underworld enforcer Joey Indelli didn't expect an English Regency Era carriage to appear before his very eyes in a thunderbolt of light. Inside he discovers a disoriented beauty, the honorable and delectable Catherine Worthington.

Catherine finds herself immediately attracted to her rough and very masculine rescuer but is determined to return to her home in 1821 Cornwall, England.
>Seeing the carriage appear in front of him, Indelli believes her story but is convinced she has no choice but to stay in 1969.
Will the love that develops between them fade with their parting or somehow keep them together and prove...timeless?

Hi Karyn!  Thank you so much for doing this interview with me!  Let’s jump right in! 

What can you tell us about Timeless Heart and Timeless Love? 

A carriage is traveling in a spring storm in 1821 Cornwall, England. Lightning strikes the carriage, and the occupants are scattered in ribbons of time. Timeless Heart follows hero Jerrod Ross and he lands in 2011. Timeless Love follows the only lady in the carriage, Catherine Worthington, she lands in 1969. Their rescuers also become their love interests. Will this love prove...timeless?


Was there a specific inspiration for your characters?  I’ve only read Timeless Heart so far, but I love the character of Jerrod.  He was a strong man, but it was fantastic to see him react to modern conveniences!

Sandra and Jerrod
Timeless Heart actually sprung from a dream I had as a teenager. I had a crush on a British actor Robin Ellis who was starring the costume drama 'Poldark'. (big hit in the late 70's) So I dreamed he came back in time, (the character) just for me! The dream was intense and stayed with me all these years so I turned it into a story.

I really had no one in mind for the other characters, except from my fevered imagination! I usually do try and find a visual (usually models) to work from.  Joey Indelli from Timeless Love was based on model Kent Edwards (google him, he's gorgeous!)
Time travel brought Jerrod and Sandra together in Timeless Heart, and continues in book 2, Timeless Love with Joey and Catherine.  If you could travel through time, when and where would you go?
The Victorian Age in London. And I would want to be rich, not one of those poor wretches from a Dickens novel begging in the streets.  I would want the breakfast tray in bed, the maids, the whole bit! Also, the Victorian Age is fascinating! Such advances, such a society.  Yet under the thin veneer of society was a seamy underbelly.  Also, I would just like an extended visit; I wouldn't want to stay there permanently. Unless a handsome, sexy Viscount in a starched cravat and very tight trousers convinced me!

Joey and Catherine
 Karyn, is there anything more you can tell us about the Timeless Hearts series?  What’s to come?
I wish I knew! At this point in time (no pun intended!) There are no plans. There are still two more guys in the carriage (and the driver and horses!) I have put this on the back burner for now and will revisit in the fall. I didn't intend for this to be a series, so I have a lot of thinking and plotting to do before I continue.

 Now you also have a review website called The Romanorum.  How do you deal with being on both ends of the book spectrum, as an author and  as a reader/reviewer?
I reviewed books before I was published. But since I have been published, I have had to cut way back.  I also made the decision as soon as I was published not to review any books from any publisher I had any dealings with.  I now have expanded that to taking all ebooks off the table, but it's been more of a time crunch than anything else. I still rate a few ebooks on Goodreads, but no long, written review.

My opinion on reviews is I don't post anything under 2.5 stars. (out of 5) I'm not going to savage a book, there is enough nastiness in the world.  I held that opinion before I was published, but now that I am, I feel even more strongly about it. A writer pours their heart and soul and sweat into a book, I'm not going to publicly shred it. I think a little respect goes a long way.

I throw quite a few books in my recycle bag, but I'm not going publicly state what books I didn't like or could not finish.  I also try and thank anyone who reviews my books. I really appreciated it when authors contacted me to thank me for a review on their book.  I also think a little politeness goes a long way.

Can you tell us how you first became an author?  Did you know this is what you wanted to do your whole life?
 I did a lot of writing in my teens and early twenties then something called life happened. I am a voracious reader but only started reading Romance about six years ago.  I started posting stories on-line using the Sims 2 as a visual and that led to me writing a few manuscripts.  Sim stories is a thriving community and I met a lot of wonderful people. I also learned how to create characters and plot. I still use the game as a visual story board to plan out plots. I enclose a shot from Timeless Heart and one from Timeless Love! Cool, isn't it? And isn't Joey adorable? lol! Who would have thought that a game would lead me to be a published author?

I submitted Timeless Heart with no expectations at all. When it was accepted within 24 hours, I was stunned. I continue to learn, grow and improve as a writer.  It has interested me my whole life, and I am in a position now I have the time to indulge my plotting fun.  When this ceases to be fun to me, I will no longer do it. Meanwhile, I'm having a blast!

And what exciting projects do you have in the works?  I see a few tasty sounding synopsis's on your website!
 Wow, got lots of irons in the fire. I have two more releases this spring. BLACK DESIRE is book 2 in my paranormal series with Evernight Publishing. Also June 30, I have HEART OF ROCK coming out from Silver Publishing about an Irish rock star in 1974. As you can tell, I love writing in multiple genres and time periods. I am also about to submit my first historical, a Victorian era Xmas erotic romance. Fingers crossed! Also working on a project with my friend and critique partner.  I also plan to take the summer off. The hubs is a teacher and we have a couple of trips planned.

And the easy stuff… 
Favorite Travel Destination?  Back home to Nova Scotia, Canada during the summers to lie on the beach! I have a trip to the UK on my radar; I really want to travel to Ireland and Scotland. In the next five years

Coffee or Tea? Tea all the way. Serious tea drinker. Lady Grey or Earl Grey, I don't discriminate! lol!

If you were an animal, what would you be? One of those big cats, like a panther!

If you were on a desert island, what book would you bring? That's tough, as my tastes change constantly as do my favorites lists.  As of right now, I would say 'Simply Magic' by Mary Balogh. One of the first romances I read and it pulled me in.

What is your favorite genre to read? I would say the first genre I ever read in romance is still my favorite, historical.

And one last thing!  I recognize these pictures as characters from Sims 2.  Do you play? Yes, I played the game! Moving my characters around in the game and taking shots in-game as I did made them come alive for me and the story easier to write.

 Ok, I just wanted to say thank you so much for talking with me today!  Best of luck on all of your upcoming releases!!
 Thanks so much Liz and thanks for having me here today!

I want to offer a PDF copy of TIMELESS LOVE! Just tell me in a comment below, what Liz asked me, 'if you could go any place, any time, where would you go? '
And just go with the fantasy, it doesn't have to be a permanent trip~ Cheers

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