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Monday, April 9, 2012

Philia Book Tours: Shadow Path - PL Blair - Excerpt/Giveaway

Shadow Path
by P.L. Blair

Magic and crime. Agatha Christie meets J.R.R. Tolkien.
An Ogre murdered with a rune-inscribed sword is just the beginning as Kat Morales, a very human police detective in Corpus Christi, Texas, and her Elf partner Tevis MacLeod follow a blood trail that leads to Pixies, necromancy and Magic of the Blackest kind … to its climax in a stronghold Between worlds, where Tevis must duel spell for spell with a former lover who wants to see her old flame extinguished permanently.


The shriek from the creature the light revealed nearly deafened her. The thing went down on its knees, long-fingered hands covering its face. But a single eye peered at her from between the fingers, large and green and luminous.

“Turn it off,” the creature moaned. “Turn it off!”

A wave of pity washed over Kat. She reached, found the light switch.

What the hell was she doing? She jerked her hand away. “I don't think so.” She barely recognized her own voice in the icy detachment of the words.

Silence. Slowly the creature raised its head and looked at her.

She had prepared herself for something hideous. But the face that gazed up at her was Elfin-beautiful. She felt her grip on the Colt loosen a little.

And suddenly the diminutive thing was six inches closer than it had been, its mouth open in a snarl that revealed rows of teeth like those of a great white shark.


About the Author
A native of Tyler, Texas, P.L. Blair spent nearly 30 years as a full-time newspaper reporter before writing Shadow Path, book 1 in her Portals fantasy/detective series. Now semi-retired – and still writing (part-time) for a newspaper in South Texas – Blair divides her year between Sheridan and Rockport, Texas, where she has family. She is companion to two basset hounds, a long-haired dachshund and a cat – all rescues. She writes a regular column and is a book reviewer for, and writes occasional articles for the Wyoming Business Journal.

P.L. Blair can also be found at the following places on the web:

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