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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Review of Covet By Felicity Heaton

Felicity Heaton

Format: ebook provided by author for review

They’ve burned for each other for two years, the forbidden attraction between them growing each night. Now resisting the sinful desires of their hearts is becoming impossible.
Javier knows better than to succumb to his hunger for Lilah. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three other vampires. A single touch is all it would take to break the sacred law of his kind, sentencing himself to death, but his passion for her has become too fierce to ignore and he will risk everything to make Lilah his.
Lilah has fought her desire for Javier since arriving at his theatre as a servant but each glance he has stolen, his eyes promising pleasure that will satisfy her longing for him, has chipped away at her defences and she can no longer deny her need and her forbidden feelings for the powerful vampire male.
When they find themselves alone in a private box during one of the erotic performances, will they surrender to their passion and live out their wildest fantasies in a night of wicked pleasure or will the threat of Lilah’s master keep them apart forever?

Lilah is pretty much owned by Lord Ashville, a vampire.  The rules in vampire society say that no one else shall ever touch or be with Lilah while she is under the bond of Lord Ashville.  But Javier, he wants her.  He’s tried to deny it, he’s tried to ignore it; but he can’t do that any longer.  He must have her, regardless of the cost – which could very easily mean his life. 

Lilah has been watching Javier also, and she wants him just as bad.  There are stolen glances and hopes only she knows of. 

                “There was one rule his kind honored above all others: an owned human must never be touched by a vampire other than their master.”

One night there is an opportunity for them to come together, and they take it...breathlessly, in need, full of passion and lust.  The erotic scenes from the performance on the stage below them serve as a soundtrack to their passion.  Seriously, I could not read fast enough, the scene was written so beautifully and erotically that I was enamored from the start.

Javier is just the perfect vampire male; handsome and sexy, intelligent and logical, full of passion and strength.  If I was Lilah, I don’t think I could have resisted him either.   And Lilah is shy yet strong, letting Javier bring out traits in her that weren’t usually on the forefront.  She is a clever woman, and one can only hope that cleverness pays off for the both of them.

This is a relatively short story, taking place over one evening.  But Felicity packs so much into that short span, you are thoroughly entertained.  The steam level is at a high, and it is perfect in its heat.  There is also a bit of not intimate action, which I found to be entirely exciting and was holding my breath waiting for the outcome.  So hard to not give spoilers here!! 

Read this for yourself and see what I mean.  I read this in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.  If you like vampires or erotic romance, I’m sure it will be the same for you.

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