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Sunday, April 29, 2012

They Call Me Trixie, Encounter One - Elle Erotique @ElleErotique

Format: Ebook provided for review

Being an escort is easy…if you know the Trix of the trade.

They call me Trixie. I’m whatever you need me to be. Some like me to bend to their whim. Some like me to take charge. Others just like to take me, any way they can. I’m not ashamed of my job. It pays the bills and sometimes—I get off on it. I don’t have those puritanical hangups most Americans do. I like men. I like women. Mostly, I like to make money. Peek inside my world. I dare you. Be warned, my story is short and it is not a romance. It does not have a happily ever after.

Warning: This short story contains graphic language and sexual content.

Trixie is an adult escort, and she’s been seeing Mr. Great Eyes every week for three years.  She knows him pretty well sexually, and a few details about his life away from her.  He often asks that she run away with him, and her answer is always no.  For her, this is business.  You gotta respect the woman for keeping her head in the game.

Encounter One is a short story that takes place over one meeting, and it wastes no time getting right into the action.  This book is not for the type of reader who is looking for a romance that ends in a kiss and a hug.  This isn’t even a romance.  It’s quick, hot, needy sex.  And it’s written really well.

Trixie has a little inner monologue that really lets you get to know her, and I like it.  You see why she responds the way she does to Mr. Great Eyes, and you can’t fault her for it.  The woman is honest.  And she is willing to do whatever it takes for Mr. Great Eyes to leave a happy man.  If you are looking for a quick read, we’re talking under 20 pages, then this is the quickie for you. 

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Elle Erotique is the alter ego of an established, bestselling author. Elle wanted the freedom to write what ever she wanted without pre-established notions getting in the way.

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