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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Erotic) Tales from the Coffin, JoAnne Kenrick

Tales From The Coffin

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected,
royally invites you to join herself and her zombie lover for a fix of dark erotic tales sure to tickle your fancy and give you the shivers. But mind your manners, because she bites.

Estella  is better known as the Vampire  Queen of the Rejected due to her major Haversham complex; dumped at the altar, she's Dracula's rejected bride. And boy does she harp on it--still wears her Victorian wedding dress, moth holes and all.
Lucy Rot  was a  sweet girl who had a rather bad experience with magic. Now she's a zombie and Estella's lover and lacky.
Together, they lure the unsuspecting into their dark basement for a fix of darkly erotic twisted tales...and dinner!

Think story within a story. Great expectations mashed with Tales from the Crypt and Red Shoe Diaries.

TALES FRO THE  COFFIN BOOK ONE,  STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL, RELEASES 22nd MAY 2012 . Book two, All the Pretty Faces releases June/July 2012

 (c) JoAnne Kenrick, Decadent Publishing. All rights reserved.
“Fancy bursting into my boudoir and expecting me to entertain on demand. The cheek of it. You people have no manners.” Estella puffed her raspberry-red hair into something that resembled an up-do and readjusted her breasts, shovingher plump flesh back into her once-upon-a-time-white corset. “I know. The wordis out. I give great story. I do understand. You’re excited, who wouldn’t be? I amrather marvelous, if I do say so myself.“In my day, though, the men held doors open for ladies, and the ladies tiltedtheir necks to offer supper. Oh, no need to wrap that sweater farther up yourjugular, dear, I’ve already eaten, so I’m not hungry…at the moment.” Estellastretched her arms out, licked her canines, and hoisted her moth-hole-riddenskirt to expose her alabaster thighs decorated with stockings laddered at theknees and splattered with fresh blood. “I can’t vouch for Lucy, though. She’salways hungry, aren’t you my little Deady Bear.”
Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, is sick of men. Or so she would have you think. Ditched at the altar by Dracula himself, she'd rather spend her days with what she now believes to be the more faithful gender. Plagued by a Haversham complex, she gets her kicks by luring prey into her decrepit house with promises of erotic tales...but mind your manners, and fingers, because she bites.
 Lucy Rotterdayne—a zombie better known as Lucy Rot—is Estella's sometimes-faithful subject and lover. Although why she hangs around to be ridiculed and taunted by a bitter vampire, she has no idea. Perhaps the answer is rooted the story of how she was zombified by a doctor who is simply masterful with his hands?
WARNING.  For adult audiences only.


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  1. Strange and Beautiful sounds like an interesting loved the excerpt! Estella has quite a way with words. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think it sounds so interesting, and very different. I love the character of Lucy Rot :) Can't wait to see what she is all about!

  2. Hi! Jeez, these erotic tales sounds HOT! Never really read something F/F but it looks and sounds good!

    1. They definitely sound like nothing I've read, so I can't wait to read them, myself!

  3. Fantasy/Vampire romance tales are always a favorite, but zombie is new for me. I'm excited. :)

    1. You can't go wrong when you throw a zombie in the mix, can ya? haha :) Hope you get a chance to read it :)

  4. wow they are different and they are great cover on the book all of them i love the color of the books

  5. Really great to see the excellent responses to Estella...and her sidekick Lucy Rot!! Wait til you get a load of The Bone Cruncher. What a brooding utterly alpha HOTTIE! He is really going to make life difficult for Estella and Lucy, that's for sure. ;0)

    Thanks for hosting me, Liz!! I just love Fictional Candy. What an awesome vibe you've got going on here.

    1. Hey JoAnne! Thank you for coming by!! Everyone I talk to who sees these books gets really excited :)

    2. That's awesome to hear! I adore writing the stories -- so much fun ;)

  6. *waves hi to everyone*
    I just announced the winner of the $25 amazon GC on my blog if you wanna come on over to see if it was you xx
    Also, I'm running a GET SHAMROCKED and win a kindle fire contest there at the moment.
    It's all happening.


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