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Friday, May 4, 2012

An Interview/Giveaway with Wenona Hulsey, author of Blood Awakening

Nicole, a small town Alabama girl, and her best friend Kat take a weekend trip to Panama City, Florida. Kat looking to have a good time and Nicole hoping to escape the pain of losing her mother for a little while. Little did Nicole know, the escape would awaken a ancient power that is hidden in her blood. A power that evil wants for its own and will do whatever it takes to have it.

This short story is a look into best friends', Nicole and Kat, life before a centuries old grudge and Nicole's emerging powers rips them apart. A power that Nicole wants no part of as it brings her to her knees and forces her to walk away from her small town life and everyone she loves.

Hi Wenona! Thank you so much for talking to me today, and for doing this feature post with me!
Thank you for letting me join you Liz.  I love doing guest posts.  It makes me feel a bit like I'm taking over the world one blog at a time, Bhahahahaaa.  Whoops, my evil laugh gives me away some times lol.
Haha, that's quite alright, I understand!  I've even had my own evil laugh from time to time ;)

You are the author of the Blood Burden series, can you tell the readers a little bit about this series?
Sure!  Nicole has a secret that even she doesn't know about.  It is brought to the surface in one form in the novelette Blood Awakening.  Then the suspenseful, paranormal ride really starts to speed up in the novel Burden of Blood where Nicole is a police officer in a small Alabama town.  She uses her power to catch criminals but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Her power transforms when her life is on the line and accidently draws ancient eyes on her in the process.  Not to give too much away but you will find lots of action, some steamy romance, and twist that will leave you wondering what will happen next as this modern day series plays out.
It sounds great!

And what comes next in Blood of Fire?
Blood of Fire continues exactly where Burden of Blood left off.  There's a war brewing, a love she leaves behind and new alliances that have dark intentions of their own.  It will be the hardest trials of Nicole's life.  Giving her the chance to run from the burden of her power or step up and be the leader she needs to be.

Blood of Fire will be out this summer…That is if I can stay off Facebook and Twitter lol.
LOL There are about a million things I could do if I'd stay off Facebook!

Did you always know that you wanted to be an author?
From about the age of 15 I knew I wanted to write.  I've always been an avid reader and admired the craft of writing but I didn't get brave enough or feel confident enough in my ability to create a world until almost a year ago.  Maybe I felt I had enough life experience under my belt or, more likely, I reached an age where I'm not afraid to fall on my face.  After all, you only live once.

When you sit down to write, do you have a soundtrack that you listen to, to help set the mood?  And if yes, of course, what is it?
I have TONS of soundtracks lol.  I could fill a page with music because for each mood I'm writing I have songs I like to listen to.  Everything from Adele for the dramatic love moments to Nine Inch Nails for the fight scenes are in my mix.  My latest thing that I've REALLY enjoyed is using Spotify on Facebook.  I have a fight scene soundtrack going and it's open for my fans to add their favorite kick a$$ music to my playlist.  My readers are the greatest source for inspirational music!  If you're interested in adding to my list Liz, here's the link

Wenona, do you have a favorite author that you read?
I read so many genres it's hard to pick a favorite.  I love discovering reads from indies like Liz Schultes, Olivia Harden and Lola James but I also like some big time authors like Stephen King, Charline Harris and Suzan Collins.  I'm very diverse in my reading.

If you had to choose actors to play your main character Nicole, who do you think it would be?
Hummm, this is a hard one for me because I honestly don't watch a lot of television.  I'm thinking that maybe Emily Blunt would work well if she could grasp the southern accent.  Her facial features are remarkably close to Nicole's.  Oh, it would be so exciting to see the Blood Burden series on the big screen!!
Very pretty, great choice!

And what would you say is your favorite part of being an author?
Getting to create my own worlds and invite others inside when I'm done.  I love when readers tell me that they wished Nicole was real because it was like losing a best friend when the last page was read.  Comments like that make an author very happy.

Ok, here are the easy questions…
Favorite dessert or treat?
Anything with caramel! YUMMY.
Favorite season?
Summer! Give me flip-flops and sunshine every day.

Favorite movie?
Alice in Wonderland (the newest rendition of it.)

Favorite beverage?
Sweet Tea

Oh, one last thing!  How can we find you online if we want to follow you?
You can find me lots of place!  I could have written a library full of novels by now if you add in all my chatter on line lol. Here's the list:

Wenona Hulsey

Thanks for joining me today, Wenona!  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know you, and I look forward to your next release, Blood of Fire!

* * * * * 

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