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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Masquerading Hearts, Victoria Blisse - A review

Format: Ebook received for review

Laura craves revenge. After Jacks betrayal with a bitchy blonde she can think of nothing but avenging her broken heart. In the drive for closure she moves from one night stand to one night stand fueling the pain not quelling it as her conflicting emotions for Jack still run riot within her. Relucantly attending a party she finds herself seduced by a sexy stranger but as they move to the bedroom, Jack enters... Will a foursome bring the closure she needs? Is Jack the only one who can fix the heart he broke? or is this all just another act in this erotic masquerade?

“All that matters is revenge: Revenge on Jack.”

Jack and Laura were a couple, presumably in love.  Everything was going along perfect.  Then Jack lied, he said he loved her but then he cheated on her.  Laura has a broken heart and tries to heal with revenge sex – with anyone she can find. 

The beginning of this story slips from reality to Laura’s memory, but does so in a way that isn’t jarring.  She battles with this meaningless sex before her, enraged by the love of her life lost.  His betrayal is consuming her.  Love lost is not love forgotten, and even after a man cheats on you and breaks your heart, there is still room for more pain.

She trolls places where she thinks he will be.  One night she finds him.  She can feel his eyes on her as she grinds and dances with two young men.  He tries to hurt her back, dancing with some faceless tramp.  That night ends in less than stellar fashion and Laura is home alone.  But soon her friend convinces her to go out, move on.  And she does. 

I enjoyed this story, it took me on a trip that I didn’t expect.  The characters were interesting, although you don’t get to know the rest of them as well as Laura.  Laura is a woman in pain, and anyone who has had a heart broken this way will surely identify with her.

This story does shift into a foursome, so for some (foursome for some haha) people that might be a bit too much.  But it is not the focus of this story, its just one event in the rise and fall of their relationship.  All in all this was a hot read, and interesting beyond the sex.  I definitely recommend this and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future!

Available for purchase at AllRomanceAmazon, and BN