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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fictional Candy Is So Shameless

Hey!  It's time to get Shameless!!  First, big thanks to our hosts for organizing a wonderful hop for us all to be in, enter in, and have fun with!
Michelle (Michelle's Book Blog) 

I just love the idea of a Shameless Hop.  We all like to read, that's a given.  But none of us should feel ashamed of what we like to read - regardless of the subject!!  That's what this hop is about, being PROUD of who you are and what you like.  It doesn't matter if you have hot guys and girls on your website, or if you write and/or read something on the sexier side of things - or downright dirty!  We all deserve to be able to do so without hiding! 

So.  What the heck am I giving away?  I'm going to keep it easy this time around.  I am giving away up to $15 USD in books from The Book Depository.  As many print books, ebooks, whatever you want - totaling up to $15.  If you are not sure if they ship to you, just click the graphic below to check :)
And entering is even easier.  Enter the Rafflecopter.  You don't have to follow or subscribe or tweet or even comment if you don't want to.  But I'd be happy if you did any of them.  It's up to you.  I just want you to read!

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh hell, here's a couple of guys that I consider SMOKIN'!!

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