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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review, Infidelities by Kat Quickly

Title: Infidelities (A Collection of Seven Short Fictions)
Author: Kat Quickly
Published: 2011 House Of Erotica
Format: Ebook received for review

Infidelities is a collection of 7 short stories about relationships. The spotlight is on love, lust and sex, but mostly desire. What happens when you look outside your main relationship? Do you just look or do you act, unable to remove dangerous illicit thoughts from your mind? Should you give into your desires, ignoring the consequences of your actions, for you and for those you claim to love? Can a marriage survive infidelity? Read the 7 stories herein and see what happens when seemingly respectable women, those with children and good jobs, living quietly in their lovely houses give into their desires. It’s not only the heat of the tropical settings, it is the heat of their passions that will inflame your own senses.

I think that the blurb really sums of the main part of this book.  Seven stories, all about – you guessed it, infidelity.   A lot of these stories follow the same formula: love or lust gone unanswered for a very long time, then opportunity arises, then the pair parts ways.  Honestly, most of the stories went too quickly for my liking.  There wasn’t much chance to build up and identify with the characters. 

If you are looking for a book with a very high heat level, I wouldn’t choose this one.  While this book is classified as erotica, for my own tastes the intimate scenes were relatively short and not very detailed.  The stories seemed to all have a “fantasy location” for doing the deed: the office, a bathroom at a party, outdoors in a parking lot. 

If you are looking for a “quickie” type book, I think Infidelities would fit the bill.  Some of the stories I was able to read in a matter of minutes.  And like I said, it definitely has the whole cheating aspect.  I thought that wouldn’t bother me so much, I was looking forward to a good and naughty read. I finished this book a bit unfulfilled, but I think it was because I was expecting something different.