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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review, Loaded Question by Cassandra Carr

Title: Loaded Question
Author: Cassandra Carr
Published:  April 24th 2012 by Sybarite Seductions
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Rob adores his girlfriend, Daisy. She’s a Southern belle girly-girl, which is perfect, except for one thing. As much as Daisy likes sex, she draws the line at oral. She’s not good at it, and Rob has resigned himself to doing without. That is, until Daisy offers to get a tutor. Is this a great idea or the worst mistake Rob has ever made?

 “What’s one thing I don’t do in bed that you want me to?”
As soon as you ever hear anyone say those words to you, you know you are in trouble.  It’s a no win question – unless you truly are happy with the way things are.  But if you aren’t, well, you can’t hardly win.  If you offer a suggestion, you run the risk of the other person becoming unreasonably mad.  If you say nothing, you lose the only chance you may really have at getting that “one thing” that you were asked about.  It can be beyond frustrating!  Argh!

So when sweet ol’ southern belle, Daisy, asks that question of her boyfriend, Rob, you expect a blow up….ahem.  Rob tells her he wishes thinks could be a bit more, ahem, oral.  And Daisy goes for it!  But she is a modern woman, if she is going to do more – she wants to do it her way.  And she wants to hire a tutor!

Holy cow!!  Rob thinks he’s really hit the jackpot, and his love for Daisy soars.  She immediately finds someone, a Dom.  This is where you will definitely be holding your breath waiting to see what happens!

Master Tom is a professional.  Black hair, olive skinned, I can picture him perfectly.  Of course, he’s my favorite character in this story.  Not because of his role, but just because you totally expect one thing, and you get something totally opposite.  But actually, you can say that for everyone in this story!  Despite the short length of this read, you really get a clear view of who all the characters are. 

This was a hot and sexy quick read.  I totally enjoyed it!  It was a lot of fun to read. Cassandra Carr’s writing style always has an easy flow to it, you have no problem following her in her tales – and Loaded Question is no exception.  From the beginning to the end you will definitely be entertained…and maybe even educated ;)

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