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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review, Rite of Passion by Madelyn Porter

Title: Rite of Passion
Author: Madelyn Porter
Published: first published July 30th 2010
Genre: Sci-fi erotica
Format: Ebook received for review

Shana of Themis is proud to be of the female dominated race of the Amazon. But, when the time comes for her to become a mother, she’s less than thrilled. Following tradition, she must take the males they have captured into her bed.

Captain James Alexander was caught answering a distress call, when the Amazon’s overtook him and two of his men. Now, to escape, he plans on seducing his beautiful captor.

This was a really fun and interesting story!  It felt very Wonder Woman meets Star Trek meets Erotica.  I loved it!

Shana of Themis is an Amazonian woman on a planet where women are in control.  Obviously.  Men are slaves, useful for very little. According to Amazonian law, women had to attempt pregnancy 20 times before being discharged.  Shana is a warrior and she does not want to be a mother.  She has managed to not become pregnant yet.  Then she comes to see captive Captain James Alexander.  She has an attraction to him, but its not something she is used to, and so she pretty much ignores it.

Well Captain James has an attraction to her in return.  And he intends to do something about it.   Without even realizing it, he invokes the
Rite of Mairrit, which means that no one else can have him except Shana.  He is delivered to her for the sole purpose of impregnating her.  Little does he know that after he will be terminated.

I am not a big sci-fi reader, but I really enjoyed this story.  The intimate scenes were fantastic, and the story behind it all was really intriguing.  The character development was pretty good.  I think that it could have benefited from being a longer story, but it didn’t detract from what it is already. 

Like I said previously, this story definitely had a Star Trek and Wonder Woman feel to it.  I thought it was a good mix and definitely worked in favor of the story. Give it a try, see if you like it! I did! 

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