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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review/Character Interview/Giveaway - Conner by Miranda Stork

Title: Conner
Author: Miranda Stork
Published: April 2012, Createspace
Format: ebook provided by author and Dark Mind Book Tours for review

Erin is a young psychologist, with no time for anything but her work, and unable to remember anything about her past. She leads an uneventful life, but a lonely one, in which she secretly wishes for a soulmate...

Conner is an unusual patient who approaches her, thrusting her into a strange world of darkness that runs beneath our own. He believes himself to be a creature of legend-a werewolf. But he also draws Erin with a roguish charm, and an irresitible feeling that seems to bind them together...

Conner desperately tries to save her from an unknown evil that persues her with a relentless passion that crosses centuries, an evil that once took her very soul away, somewhere in Erin's lost memories.

As she becomes more entwined in a series of events that will remind her of who she really is, will she make it away from the oncoming darkness unscathed...?

First, I want to say I loved Miranda’s dedications at the beginning.  They were so very heartwarming!

Erin is a professor who occasionally takes on some therapy cases.  Professor Whitfield has a private practice now, and he asks Erin to work on a difficult case.  The patient believes he is a werewolf – and he is asking specifically for Erin.

Normally, working at a private practice is against her principles; money should not be able to purchase good health.  But something about this case file for Conner beckons her.  She tells Professor Whitfield “yes”.

                “Everyone has a distinct point in their lives where everything in their life changes, be it for better or for worse.”

Conner Woods is the patient, and he definitely believes he is a werewolf.  He is tall, dark, handsome and a bit menacing in his looks.  Right away I’m attracted to him. He has a certain manner, a way with words that captivates you, and you definitely want more.

As for Erin, I like her.  She seems like an intelligent woman.  But then she starts realizing she can’t remember large blocks of time from her own past – just like Conner claims.  I really loved how this story built up on itself.  The psychology aspect was fascinating.  The real question that crept up was “Who is really having the psychotic break? Conner?  Erin?  Filitiarn? Someone else entirely?

                “The touch was almost tender, but the image of a snake coiling itself around her came into her mind, but she decided that was an insult to snakes.”

Oh yes, Filitiarn.  He’s definitely painted as the villain here.  Is he really?  Somewhere along the line there is a shift, and you aren’t sure who is telling the truth and who only believes they are telling the truth!  I just thought the whole thing was very exciting in the way it explored how your mind can play tricks on you.  Schizophrenia definitely became a question of mine… wait, no, I'm not schizophrenic… wait, no…

And that’s exactly what was so awesome about this story.  You begin to question everything.  Even as Erin undoubtedly starts to fall for Conner, there is a part of her that doesn’t trust him.  And who the heck is Filitiarn, and how does he fit into this puzzle?  And when the blood starts to spill, is it a figment of her imagination or are those people really dead??  Everyone is suspect and you don't know who is on what side, I was even questioning Erin.  Perfect!

Then some aspects sort of took on a fairytale feel to me, but remember – fairytales aren’t always about the happy princess and her prince.  There’s the villain, and usually some type of magic involved.  The flashbacks and memories in this story really helped to build up the history of everything going on.  There are definitely some hair-raising moments.  Overall, I found this book a story I couldn’t put down.  It’s a story that is millennia in the making, but its over in the blink of an eye.  I can’t wait to read book two, ErinConner is a must read for all werewolf fans.  It has a fresh spin on wolves, and I thought it was great.

Next, check out and interview the author, Miranda Stork, did with Erin.  I thought it was fabulous and so entertaining! And then afterwards enter the giveaway.  This time there are 5, yes 5, ebook prizes!


Character Interviewer: Miranda Stork
Character: Erin
Occupation: Psychologist, Finder of Werewolves, general kick-ass female.
Age: Hey, I’m not telling you that! A lady never tells…

Hi Erin! It’s nice to have you here. How are you?
Nice to be here,  although that’s a good question. I feel like I’ve been through the ringer and back the past few days. One moment you’re a psychologist, trying to help your patients; the next, you’re running around with a werewolf while the bodies pile up. But other than that, I’m good.

Woah, wait! Bodies?
Yeah, it’s… err… nothing.  Forget I said anything. It’s just these werewolves that have been chasing us around.  Nothing to worry about.

Umm….okaaaay. *Takes a nervous look around* If you’re sure! Okay, so when did you first meet Conner?
Well, I met him when he was referred to me as a patient by Dr Whitfield. I thought he was schizophrenic, but then it turned out he really was a werewolf! I’ve never been so shocked in my life.

So what did you do when you found out?
Well, I moved him in with me. As you do. But then we started getting chased, and we had to flee to Ireland to get away. He’s…quite attentive to me. *Erin blushes, and fiddles with the hem of her pencil skirt*

Wait, so…you’ve moved in with him? And you’re romantically engaged with him now?
In a word, yes. *More blushing*

Isn’t that a little strange? I’d be running for the hills.
I suppose it is, but… there’s something about him that just clicks with me.  Something that feels like I’ve come home.  Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m going mad-how ironic would that be? *Laughs hysterically, I edge my seat away just a smidge*

Yes, well…so what can you tell us about yourself? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
I grew up, as far as I know, in North Yorkshire, where I still live now. I…can’t actually remember a lot about my childhood. It’s something that’s started to bother me, although I haven’t really told anyone. I get blanks whenever I try to remember something. Occasionally I get this little flash of something, a river, someone holding me…but it’s soon gone.

Sounds a little worrying…any other psychotic tendencies?
That is not a psychotic tendency. *Erin narrows her eyes at me and folds her arms…I think she’s in a huff now* Although…I have been seeing strange things. I keep thinking I see this large black wolf everywhere, even in my room! It can’t be there, of course, the others would have spotted it easily.

So what do you like to do for fun? I mean, when you’re not running away from murderous werewolves?
Reading, of course. And I’ve always been drawn to a lot of things, but just never found the time to fit them in. I love anything Irish, and I’d love to learn everything I could about the culture of Ireland. And sometimes I like to snoop around places. You know, when you’re not allowed in somewhere, I’ve just got to break in and have a good rummage around their stuff. You know what that’s like, right?

Hmm, bodies, breaking and entering….but I guess you’re doing some learning about Irish culture in the form of Conner, huh?
Hey! It’s not like that. He’s just…misunderstood.

You seem like a tenacious young woman, what advice would you give to other young women running away from supernatural creatures?
Kick their arses. And always make sure you have a first aid kit. And a hairbrush. You have no idea how many times I’ve wished I took a hairbrush with me. Good thing the author never wrote in about my bed-head!

*Ahem* Yes, well…I think we’ve come to the end of our interview Erin, any parting words?
Watch out for werewolves. And bed-head! It’s terrible if you get that.

I think you need to get your priorities in order Erin, but it’s been great having you here.

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