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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review/Interview/Giveaway - Fairy Tail by Andrew P Weston

Title: Fairy TailAuthor: Andrew P WestonPublished: April 13th 2012 by Ruby Lioness PressFormat: Ebook provided by Sizzling PR for review

For the third year running, a ritualistic serial killer has struck again in the week leading up to Halloween, leaving a gruesome and bloody trail in his wake.

It’s the same every year. One murder every day, until his quotient of seven has been reached. Butchery doesn’t begin to describe what happens to those who he gets his hands on. Then the killer vanishes – only to return twelve months later as merciless as ever.

When he does resurface, he appears to strike randomly and at will. It cannot be established exactly how the killer selects his victims, or why. As such, the detective leading the case is no closer to discovering the identity of the ruthless predator than he was when the slayings began.

It’s only when the detective gets an unexpected break that things get interesting… 

I’ll make this a quick review since we have an interview to feature along with it and this story is about 20 pages, give or take. 

First let me start with this story was fantastic!  Written in first person point of view, we get the view of The Detective.  He has been working on this serial killer case; every year seven very gruesome murders pop up from the same murderer.  But then they stop just like that and the trail goes cold.  That aspect alone was very exciting.  But if you are a horror lover, you will definitely get that factor from the blood, guts and gore.  Because this serial killer definitely makes a bit of a mess.

The Detective again has no leads.  Then someone shows up at his house, and she is definitely not everything she appears to be.   The Detective and Arielle definitely have an erotic and sexual encounter.  So if you enjoy dark erotica, I think this story would be a perfect fit for you.  They have a wild night that results in multiple orgasms for the both of them.  What more can you ask for when a pretty girl shows up in your livingroom after a horrible day at work?

Like I said, this is a very quick read, so I won’t give any more away about it.  But I definitely think you should read it! I really loved its unique and dark nature, and the definite spin on a serial killer!


Hi Andrew!  Thanks for joining me today on Fictional Candy!

The synopsis for Fairy Tail is pretty thorough.  What can you tell us about this story that isn’t in the synopsis (with no spoilers, of course!)?
All I will say is…
It has a surprising gritty humor running through it that keeps you in touch with reality. Seriously! You can appreciate why the Cop is the way he is and why he reacts the way he does, especially when he discovers details about the murderer that weren’t apparent. Also, read the ending carefully. It might not end the way you imagine! (You’ll see).
This story is a bit erotic and a bit horror.  Did you find it difficult to mix the two?
No – not at all! In fact, because it was my first attempt at writing a story with some form of erotic content, I found it easier to present the erotic element with the horror/blunt humor mixed in. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.
Andrew, you were a police officer in the past, not to mention also in the military.  How do you make the change from that type of work into the work of an author?
One of the best pieces of advice I was given when I started writing, was…”write about what you know.” I’ve been blessed with a life that has seen me doing things/surviving things that most people only ever get to watch on the TV or read about in books. So, by incorporating “real life mentality/experiences/know how” into the stories, it helps them stand out and makes the transition from “my previous life into this one” that much easier.
I see you have a new release coming later this year, Guardian Angels.  What can you tell us about that?
“Guardian Angels” is the first of a series of books in the “Guardian Series.”  To make it easier and keep it brief, I’ll use the blurb created for them – condensed down – to introduce them:
‘A small boy runs in front of a truck.
Miners trapped in the aftermath of a devastating underground explosion have no hope of escape.
A stricken passenger aircraft plunges thousands of feet towards the earth below.
Everyone survives!
Because they are among the first in a number of miraculous interventions that heralds to the world that, “Guardian Angels”, blessed with extraordinary powers and incredible technology, actually exist!
While society in general reacts with euphoria, not everyone is pleased!
There are those in power and those within the criminal underworld, who see their presence as a menace and as an anathema to their way of life. They therefore seek to counter the threat they feel these newcomers represent by violent action.
Early confrontations ensue, leaving many hungry for retribution, and…’

You’ll have to read the books to find out what happens!
“Guardian Angels” is a powerful and compelling story about the catalyst that could at last, galvanize society to unite and look towards the future with hope.
Sadly, it also reveals how fragile such a spark of hope could be.
Do you have any other projects coming up that you’d like to share?
Yes, I’m particularly excited about a pitch that was accepted by Ruby Lioness Press regarding a new trilogy – The Cambion Journals. I’m nearing completion to the 1st draft of the first book in that series, “The Cambion Journals – The Rage of Augustus”. It describes the life of Augustus Thorne, a human/incubus hybrid – a Cambion – and his quest over the centuries to hunt down the demon that abused his mother and cursed him with a hunger he has to fight to control each and every day of his long, long existence. His fight leads him around the world and into conflict with demon society who are keen to remain hidden among the human populace. Along the way, he discovers secrets about himself and his kind that have been hidden for centuries and this generates a number of hostile confrontations that are not only “steamy” in places, but will leave you…breathless too.
And through it all, Augustus strives for the one thing that has eluded him for over two hundred and fifty years – love!

Ok, this is a tough question.  If you could be any character from any book by any author – Who would it be (and why?) 
I had to think long and hard about this! If I could only choose one, it would be the character of Thomas Covenant from Stephen R Donaldson’s long running saga – “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Unbeliever.”
Why? Covenant is transported to a mystical, magical land that transforms his sorrowful narrow life a thousand fold, yet, he refuses to believe in it, even though the evidence of its reality shouts to every fiber of his being. They need a champion, fate has blessed him with a talisman of unbeatable wild magic, yet he keeps refusing to help them, allowing their greatest adversary to wreak unimaginable suffering on a beautiful world and its peoples. It’s written in a very clever way, making you constantly want to kick Covenant’s backside so hard, he’d never be able to sit down again. When I read the stories, I often used to think, ‘if that was me, I’d do….’ So yes, I’d jump at an opportunity like that and embrace it for all it was worth.

Andrew, do you have a favorite genre to write in?  And how about reading?
That’s easy. Science Fiction & Fantasy. When writing, it allows you a great deal of flexibility as to the exact nature of its content. It can touch on the supernatural, be action packed, erotic and contain all the elements of the best thrillers imaginable. I mean, look at the way ‘steam punk’ has evolved. That’s why I’ve always loved to read that genre too. A good author will keep it entertaining and fresh.

At the time of this interview, your book tour for Fairy Tail hasn’t started yet.  Nervous?  Excited?  Ready to roll?
Yes, I’m both nervous and excited because Fairy Tail was something of a surprise. I’d already submitted Guardian Angels to Ruby Lioness Press and we have a release date for later on in 2012. I’ve set up a lot of promotional advertising for it and that will soon kick off.
However, I’ve discovered Ruby Lioness Press like to encourage their authors to stretch themselves and develop as writers by dipping their toes into other genres. They suggested I have a go. I thought that was a great idea, so, as an experiment, wrote Fairy Tail (A supernatural erotic thriller). I was absolutely stunned when it was accepted and ended up being released at the end of April. Obviously, happening so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to organize any promotions, tours etc, so am very grateful the book tour will set the ball rolling properly and help readers get to know my distinctive style of writing. I’m really looking forward to seeing the reactions and where it will lead, as I’m keen to discover what “tweaking” I need to do, to keep future projects refreshingly different.

And we will end the interview with this:  If there is one thing you’d like your readers to take from your writing, what would that be?
Gritty realism & Freshness!
I’m a new kid on the block but I’ve seen an awful lot of life. I’ve also read literally thousands upon thousands of books. So, even though I’m new and still learning my craft, when I write – be it fantasy, paranormal, erotic etc – I want readers to taste that touch of “gritty realism”. I want it to remain fresh and entertaining and I promise to always do my best to keep it that way.

Andrew, thank you so much for taking the time for interviewing with me.  I really appreciate it, and I wish you luck on your tour!

Thank you for having me Liz, I look forward to interviewing with you again on another project in the future. 

Andrew P Weston was born in the city of Birmingham, in the UK, and grew up in the towns of Bearwood and Edgebaston, eventually attending Holly Lodge Grammar School for Boys where he was School Captain and Head Boy.
He was an active sportsperson for the school and a number of rugby, swimming, martial art and athletics teams throughout the city.
On graduation in 1977, he became a member of the Royal Marines and served in a number of roles both in the UK and abroad.
ln 1985 he joined the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, serving as a police officer in a variety of uniformed and plain clothes departments until his retirement in 2008.
Over those years, he wrote and illustrated a number of private books for his children regarding the life of a tiny kitten entitled, "The Adventures of Willy Whiskers", gained further qualifications in Law and Religious Studies, was an active member of Mensa, and continued to be an active sportsman and instructor, providing lessons free of charge to various local communities.
An unfortunate injury received on duty meant Andrew had to retire early, but, after moving to the sunny Greek island of Kos to help speed his recuperation, he was at last able to spend time developing the "Guardian Concept'' he had formulated over his years in the military and police services.
When not writing, Andrew devotes his time to Greek dancing and language lessons, feeding his cats, and can be seen most evenings hunting shadows in the dark. He hasn't managed to catch any yet, but is sure he came close on two occasions.

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