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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spotlight/Giveaway - Just Call Me Angel Series - SR Claridge

Today I am featuring the Just Call Me Angel series by SR Claridge.  Check out all the info, I'm sure you will like it!  And at the end there is a giveaway for a full set of the series!!  That is FOUR books!  The prize is through Smashwords, so it will be open internationally and for any ereader!  Woohoo!  Thank you so much to Susan for letting me give this prize to my awesome readers!  And readers, I'm sure you will be interested, so enough of my babble, let me get on with the promo!


Tetterbaum's Truth
Just Call Me Angel Series
Book 1
SR Claridge
Angel Martin plans to marry Tony and live happily ever after... until Tony disappears. Nursing a broken heart, she takes a job at Tetterbaum's Pub, unaware it is the most prestigious Mafia hangout in Chicago. In a world filled with a pretense of innocence and a past filled with iniquity, Angel's life hangs in a twisted balance of deception and revenge. Through an unlikely turn of events, Angel discovers her entire life has been a carefully orchestrated lie. No one is who they say they are and everyone has an agenda of their own. Finding herself in the middle of a revengeful scheme from a past she's never known and a Mafia blackmail scandal that s already left several dead, Angel races to find answers. The trouble is, the closer she gets to hidden evidence and tainted truths, the more the crime families want her out of the way. With her true identity now exposed, learning who she can trust becomes a matter of life and death and unraveling the past is her only hope for staying alive.

 Traitors Among Us
Just Call Me Angel Series
Book 2
SR Claridge
With Tetterbaum's Truth revealed and her true identity exposed, Angel Martin tries to adjust to her radically new role as head of the Chicago Maratinzano family. Unfortunately, Mafia life offers little down time.The sudden kidnapping of her mother and Aunt Olga leads Angel on a path to a past she's never known and an adversary she is unable to find. When an FBI mob bust against her family is fueled by administration level information, Angel turns to the other Chicago Bosses for answers; but every trail dead ends and every person is not who they seem.Racing to save the people she loves most, Angel must learn to trust her instincts, even when she comes face-to-face with the scariest truth yet... there are Traitors Among Us.

Russian Uprising
Just Call Me Angel Series
Book 3
SR Claridge

After a brutal attack on Tetterbaum’s Pub...the five Chicago families are infiltrated by the Russian Bratva. Angel is forced to take drastic measures to flush out the infiltrators before more people die. Traitors are friends and friends become enemies in this deceptive Mafia world, where Angel’s only hope of stopping the Russian uprising is to turn against her own blood.

 Death Trap
Just Call Me Angel Series
Book 4
SR Claridge

A jet explodes. Angel is presumably on board. Learning that the explosion was a well-planned attack, Angel’s men set out for revenge. Unknown to anyone, Angel is alive,forced into hiding from the terrorist group exacting revenge on her grandfather, Salvatore. Emotions run high as Angel must face the suffocating reality that her only hope for staying alive is to play dead.


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Here are some excerpts to get you started! (Opens in new window)

Susan Renee' Woods Claridge (writing under the penname S.R.Claridge) grew up in St. Louis, Missouri graduating from Lindbergh High School and furthering her education with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  Susan has lived in Los Angeles, CA., Boulder, CO. and Kansas City, KS; and now resides in Broomfield, Colorado with her husband and two children. 

She began her writing career being published for her poetry, lyrics and greeting cards; but has found her niche in the fiction world of mystery and romantic suspense.  She says it is her background in theatre and psychology that help her fill the pages with enough dramatic suspense to keep her readers guessing until the very end. 

S.R. Claridge is a romantic at heart, creatively seduced by the allure of a full moon, a glass of red wine and the glow of candlelight.  She likes to blast music really loud and dance around like a wild woman until her kids fall over laughing.  She believes in true love and that people can indeed change.  Rooted in a strong faith, she believes in forgiveness, in Jesus, in miracles and angels, and in the power of prayer ... professing openly that any good thing in her comes from God.

Similar to the writing styles of best-selling authors Janet Evanovich and Mary Higgins Clark, S.R.Claridge's novels are sure to grab your attention, keep you guessing, stimulate your senses and ultimately warm your heart.  ~

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