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Friday, July 13, 2012

Character Interview/Giveaway - Reborn by Ana Hart

Meet Daniel Webb. Daniel is your fairly average twenty-something year-old living in the middle-of-nowhere town that is Stone Hills, Arkansas. Except for the fact that, Sarelia, an elder spirit of the Lower World, gifted him with supernatural powers beyond his wildest imaginings only a few months ago. Some people would have been grateful. Others would have simply been in denial.

But all Daniel feels is resentment, because honestly, his life is kinda sucking in the moment. Not only is he having to deal with a messy breakup and crashing on his brother Mark's couch, but now he's also pretty sure someone is following him around town.

But when Daniel bumps into the sexy Alyssa Vega at The Pub and ends up going home with her for some no-strings-attached fun, something finally seems to be going right. Alyssa is just the spot of normalcy Daniel needs in his freak show of a life.

Until his sexy one night stand turns out to be more than what she seems.

So much for normalcy.

A Character Interview With Daniel Webb (And a Giveaway!) by Ana Hart

Thanks so much for having me on today, Liz! I'm very happy to be here :) We're having a giveaway with this post so be sure to leave a comment below with your email address (so I can contact you if you win) for your chance to score a $5 Amazon gift card! Woohoo! And I have a special treat for everyone today! I finally got Daniel Webb, the main character from my debut novella Reborn, to sit down with me and answer some freaking questions. So, here he is folks! The man of the hour! Danieeeeeel Webb!

Ana: So, Daniel. How long have you lived in Stone Hills, Arkansas?

DW: Long enough.

Ana: Could you elaborate a bit more, please?

DW: You wrote me. You should know.

Ana: Just humor me!

DW: Fine! Dude, damn. Most of my life? I moved away for a couple of years to Conway, Arkansas, to go to college, but I ended up dropping out and moving back home.

Ana: And what prompted you to move back home?

DW: My mom got sick. Breast cancer. She didn't want me to drop out, but I wasn't leaving her to take care of herself. I mean, sure, she had my brother Mark to look after her, but I didn't want to leave it all up to him, you know? Well, she passed away and I... just never really thought about going back. Well, I have thought about it, but college isn't the most pressing issue on my mind at the moment, you know?

Ana: So what is the most pressing issue on your mind at the moment?

DW: Besides getting laid?

Ana: Yes, Daniel, besides getting laid.

DW: Trying to not drive myself crazy with these stupid supernatural powers, I guess. I mean, some days I really do feel crazy. I keep having all these mood swings. Urges. Seriously, this must be what PMS feels like.

Ana: And how did you come by these supernatural powers?

DW: Picked 'em up half-off at the nearest Wal*Mart. Hey! Don't look at me like that... fine, fine. Seriously? Got 'em pawned off on me by probably one of the most sadistic b****s of the Lower World. Her name's Sarelia and I never wanted any power from her. Trust me. But here we are.

Ana: And where exactly is the Lower World?

DW: Right underneath the Middle World. No, I'm serious this time. On the Spiritual Plane, there are three levels: the Upper World, Middle World, and Lower World. Some people like to think of the Upper World as heaven and the Lower World as hell and the Middle World as that kinda shady area in between that lies parallel to our own physical world. But it's not like that at all. I've seen the Lower World through meditating and stuff and trust me, there's no fire and brimstone down there. But, I don't know. Some days I'm pretty sure Sarelia is the Devil. Or at least his first cousin.

Ana: So, how'd you first meet this Sarelia?

DW: By accident. And I wish it'd never happened. You know, I've always had some sort of minor ability. I could sense stuff. I could heal paper cuts okay. But I was never a heavy-weight in the hocus-pocus department, and that was okay with me. But then, I got curious and I started doing some research, you know? I went out into the woods one day and decided to try a summoning spell. Conjuring up a spirit from the Spiritual Plane and all that sh*t. I didn't believe it'd work. But it did. And I got Sarelia. Yay for me. I'm pretty sure I've been on her sh*t list ever since. You don't just summon spirits for shiggles. That stuff gets you killed. I honestly don't know why she let me live.

Ana: So, what do you do in your free time? When you're not dealing with, um, sadistic b****s from the Lower World?

DW: Eh, usual stuff. Go to work. Hang out with my best friend, James Harin. Wednesdays are Halo nights and we stay up all night drinking Mountain Dew and kicking a** on Xbox Live.

Ana: James, huh? How long have you two been friends?

DW: Since Junior High. I was dating his cousin Malorie for a few years, but that's over now. But, you know, we're still bros. He's honestly more like a brother to me most days than Mark is.

Ana: Awww... how sweet. Well, Daniel, we're running out of time. But is there anything else you want to add before we go?

DW: Yeah. To anyone out there who might be listening: if you happen across a woman who doesn't like entirely human, a woman with dark tattoos that move across her skin, pupil-less blue-green eyes, and long, red hair. Run.

Run like hell.


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About the Author:
Ana Hart is a writer of erotica and romance and an Internet celebrity wannabe. If she's not writing sexy books, working on her pimptastic new website, or lurking on Twitter, then she's probably doing an awesome weekly vlog on YouTube! New subscribers are always welcome. Oh, and did we mention all stateside YouTube subscribers get cookies for Christmas? Deets here!

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Thank you, Ana, for such a fabulous interview!!  I love it!  Your book sounds awesome, and I can't wait to read it.  And that cover!!  Holy cow, that is beautiful!!  Thanks for coming by!