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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review/Interview/Giveaway: A Lady Of The Realm by Sharon Mamolo

Title: A Lady Of The Realm
Series: House of DeDe, #1
Author: Sharon Mamolo
Published: 2011
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Bethany Boudreaux is tired of being a damn peasant. Her mother, a born again human who rejects her witch bloodline, has kept Beth secluded and ignorant for most of her life. Beth wants to eat, preferably twice a day. She’d like a grand home, with a fully stocked bar. She’s tired of eking out an existence while the rich freaks get all the breaks. She’ll do anything to claim what is, by law, hers. She needs help, lots of it, because paperwork can be a bitch.

When Beth learns Lord Aleksander is coming to visit her club, she grabs a stiff drink and waits. The dark elf of Losalfar is the perfect solution to her current legal problems. He’s obscenely rich, a top member of the hierarchy, about to inherit region two, including New Orleans, but most importantly to her … he’s a man. Men are so easy, regardless of race. With his help, she can attain the privileges and powers only those with a title are born with. All she needs to do to gain his assistance is agree to three measly conditions.
Beth tends bar in a strip club, seemingly a normal human.  Her mother is a born again human.  And Beth, well, her heritage is that she is actually a witch; a very powerful witch, a DeDe witch, which were thought to have all been destroyed.  She seeks out the help of an elf, Lord Alek (Sasha) to help her restore her title and learn her powers.  There are several conditions set, and she promptly moves in with him and his half breed fairy/elf friend, Lord Malachi.

Beth and Sasha quickly form a bond, sort of a love hate relationship.   Their relationship is really very simple and very intricate all at once.  They try to be completely honest with each other, but everyone has secrets.  Add in the stress of a sexual relationship and not quite confronted emotions and you’ve got one hell of a combination.   But even though they are both extremely stubborn, you can tell they love each other.  Their time apart punishes themselves as well as the other. And then you have Malachi, who like the other missing piece of this puzzle to Beth’s heart.  He provides the comfort and kindness she craves, while Sasha provides unbridled lust and hot passion.  And hot passion isn’t always a good thing, especially when you discover your lover has another… But their odd threesome seems to work for them.  It’s really quite intriguing, and I am very anxious to read more in the upcoming books of the series. 

Beth begins her training, and it becomes apparent she needs more than what Sasha can provide.  In comes the demon, Sig.  Training with Sig is quite interesting.  He pushes her past her limits, he seems like he is very tough and mean.  But it’s for her benefit, she will need to harness the power she has and Sig knows how dangerous it will be for the last surviving witch in a powerful line.  Sig proves to be quite the rock for Beth, and I like him more and more.  I definitely hope to see more of him in the future.   Beth quickly comes to rely on him very much, and there are some very intriguing things in store for these two.

This story also has some great comic relief – namely in the form of Peaches, the bulldog.  She is an angry list beast of a cutie, and becomes fast friends with Beth.  Because Beth can communicate with animals!  I loved the chance to laugh when Peaches reared up and got going on her rants. 

This book has a lot of story in it.  You have the whole plotline of Beth training and preparing to get her title back.  But then you have the relationships she has with Sasha and Malachi.  There is also quite a bit of action and drama.  It was really just a great story, one of those series you know will end up among your favorites.  I love how it focuses more on witches, elves and fairies more than vampires and werewolves – but make no mistake, there are lots of paranormal beings in these pages.  Definitely something for everyone who loves reading in the urban fantasy genre. 

Now check out my interview with the author, Sharon Mamolo.  She has really been very interesting in getting to know.  I hope you like it!  Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for a giveaway too! Sharon is giving away the first 3 books in the House of DeDe series to one lucky winner!  The prize will be gifted through Amazon, so please be sure you can accept a gift through there!

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Hi Sharon!  Thank you so much for interviewing with me today!  Let’s start with something easy, can you please tell our readers today about “A Lady of The Realm”?
A Lady of the Realm is the first book in the DeDe series. Set in an alternate reality in New Orleans, it follows the adventures of a witch named Bethany Boudreaux as she tries to gain her proper place in a society ruled by mythical creatures.

I just recently finished (and loved!) this story.  Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
I can’t pinpoint any specific thing for inspiration but I love New Orleans. The bayou, the people, the culture … it is a seductive atmosphere.  The idea of a person pursuing what they rightly think is theirs at any cost is not a new idea. The only difference in this story is that the cast consists of elves, fairies, witches and a demon.

Sasha, or rather, Lord Alek, is quite mysterious.  Do you have any insight on this man?  Any chance he will get a book of his own?
The dark elf likes to live in shadows. He hides his nature even from himself. The series is set to end with the fifth book, where Sasha will face some of his demons. As to him getting his own book, well, one never knows.

You’ve had quite a few different types of jobs so far.  Do you have a favorite?  And what kind of job would you never want to do?
I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of different fields. I can’t say I’ve had any favorite job for they were all great when I was working and they were all better when I left. From bartending to dealing cards in a casino to working tattoo shops to teaching, every experience has left me with a deep sense of satisfaction. I don’t think there is a job I would never do. Never say never is my motto.

Sharon, do you have any upcoming projects coming up?  I see something interesting about Lord Malachi on your website!
I am currently writing the fourth installment of the DeDe series titled Lord Malachi. It is scheduled for release in December of 2012. I have a couple of other projects I tinker with on the side concerning the demon Sigmund but nothing concrete as of now.

Perhaps one of my favorite questions is to ask who you would pick if your book was made into a movie, so who are your picks for any of your characters?
Oh dear, I’m not very good with celebrities. Hhmmm … I don’t know. Everyone has a different mental picture of what a character looks like when they read the same description. I would love to see some comments from readers on this question.

Ok, now some fun!  Let’s play “This or That”, and remember, you have to pick one!!
Would you rather… Eat a whole jar of pickles or a jar of mayonnaise?
I detest the smell of pickles. Bring on the jar of mayo and spoon but if I may make a request, make it Blue Plate mayonnaise, it tastes better.

Would you rather… Lose your vision or sense of smell?
Lose my vision! Never read another word again!! Who needs to smell roses?

Would you rather… Be chased by a zombie or attacked by a shark?
(ok, these are morbid…)
Living in southeast Louisiana, where the state motto is Hunters Paradise, I have a nice assortment of personal weapons. Bring on the zombie, I can take him out.

Would you rather… Live in a mansion on the beach or a mansion in the forest?
I am a water baby at heart. I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. There is something beautifully hypnotic about the ocean. The beach wins hands down.

Would you rather… have one night with Lord Alek or Lord Malachi?????
If Beth doesn’t have to choose why do I?

Ok, I think that should do for now hahaha!  I hope it wasn’t too bad for you!  Thanks again for coming by, and I can’t wait to read Beautiful Tears!

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