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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Music and the Heart

Sometimes you find a song that just speaks to you, and you play it a million times.  You can't get enough.  You need more.  You have to have more.  More is never enough.  Wait, am I still talking about music?  Music, books, friends, drink, food, pleasure.... Whatever makes you happy makes you happy.  I don't judge you, I couldn't.

I'm in love with this song currently.  I listen to it over and over, for weeks now.  And then over and over again.  And so another night begins, I'm in front of my laptop listening to music, preparing posts, catching up on friend's pages. Generally I am in a good mood...  What are you doing tonight?  Are you cozied up reading a book?  Perhaps you are watching tv?  Preparing your own posts?  Maybe something a bit naughtier - in which case, why are you reading my site right now!?!?!?

Oh well.  Enjoy my current favorite tune, friends

Hope and Joy

Passage courtesy of Beauty Touched The Beast by Skye Warren