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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review, Blaze of Glory by Mandy M Roth, Rory Michaels

Title: Blaze of Glory (Cowboys and Supernaturals #1)
Author: Rory Michaels
Published: September 2011, Raven Books
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Sheriff Jonathan MacSweeny is in charge of keeping the peace in Prospect Springs. Frontier living isn’t what it used to be. It’s hard to survive in the New Old West and it’s even harder when your area doesn’t exactly embrace supernaturals—and you howl at the moon. That being said, he’s good at his job and has a reputation with the ladies. When he learns his childhood sweetheart is to be married off to the town sleazebag, he goes in guns blazing to see to it she’s his. Problem is, Molly isn’t the same girl he remembers from ten years prior. Now she’s a gun-toting, foul-mouthed, vixen with a badge of her own.

Special Marshal Molly Cogan never planned to set foot back in Prospect Springs. When her friend gets the harebrained idea to steal her identity in an attempt to protect her from the bounty the outlaws have on her head, Molly finds herself standing right smack dab in the middle of chaos—or home in her case. It isn’t long before Jonathan is there, flashing that famous MacSweeny boy smile and tempting her in ways she wasn’t prepared for. This heart-hardened Marshal has her work cut out for her if she plans to face her past fears and her past sweetheart.

First of all, let’s point out that cover.  Holy cowboys, that is definitely one of the most beautiful cowboys I’ve ever laid eyes on!  Let’s all take a moment to wipe up our drool….

Whew, ok, that’s settled.  The year is 2807, the place is Prospect Springs.  Jonathan MacSweeny (Jon), is the Sheriff.  Jon is just now realizing how much he has loved a certain girl, Molly, since he was a teen.   He intends to get her back.  The old ways of the 1800’s have become the news ways of the future.  Women are commodities, but pack law supercedes human law. 

Molly’s father has just promised her to a real pig of a man, Gerald.  Yep, I do mean arranged marriage.  Nevermind the fact that this pig raped her as a teen.  Well, Molly is not a little girl anymore.  She’s all grown up, and a lot more clever – and now she has guns.  She has a stand in, in her friend Lynette.  This little presentation in town is going to be a sight to behold, for sure. 

Right away Jon knows Lynette isn’t Molly, but not having seen Molly in years, he’s not sure exactly who this mystery woman is.  But he can smell Molly in the air.  Smell?  Oh yeah, you guessed it.  Shifter!!!!!

This story was relatively short.  But Mandy M Roth certainly knows how to write a story.  (A little sidenote for those who weren’t aware – Rory Michaels and Mandy Roth are the same person!)  This story really had it all.  There were shifters galore, a bit of magik, some outlaws and glorious cowboys, and it all takes place in the future!  The sci-fi aspect was certainly a fun addition to this story.   Prospect Springs is definitely an interesting place that I’d love to see!

As far as Jon and Molly are concerned, their relationship and reunion is strained, at best.  Years of misinformation, and some stubborn heads on both of their shoulders definitely sets the scene for some hilarious and dramatic confrontations.  And lets not forget the steamy heat!  While this story was not overflowing with sex scenes, you definitely get a taste.  But most important, Jon and Molly have always loved each other and you can really see that in everything they do. 

Something else that’s awesome – this book is part of a series!  Next up is Parker’s Honor, where we get to see a bit more of Jon’s brother, Parker.  And trust me,  you will definitely want to see more of him!  I know I am definitely continue on with this series, and I hope you join in on it too.

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 Sometimes honor comes with a price. Sometimes it comes with love...

Doctor Parker MacSweeny treats the folks of Prospect Springs. He's well respected, has a reputation as being a fine doctor and tends to anyone who crosses his threshold--even if they aren't in good standing with the law. He's lived an adventurous life, bedding lots of ladies, never thinking of settling down with just one. He's been content with his practice and going several towns over to take advantage of the brothels there. He doesn't like mixing business and pleasure.

When a woman comes to town masquerading as someone from Parker's past, everything changes. She's not who she first claims to be--hell, she's not even who she says she is next. The beautiful, strong, amazingly talented woman gets his thoughts all jumbled and his groin hard. She's more than she appears to be and he damn well plans on uncovering all her secrets and then getting her to accept his claim. One proves easier than the other.

Warning: This novella contains strong language and shape shifting cowboys who will melt your socks off. This novella also has explicit, graphic sexual content and is not for the faint of heart.