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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: The World Is A Stage by Tamara Morgan

Title: The World Is A Stage
Series: Games of Love (Book 2)
Author: Tamara Morgan
Published: June 2012, Samhain
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Highland Games athlete Michael O'Leary is famous for his ability to charm a woman right out of her pants. Maybe a little too famous. When he's sidelined with a knee injury, his wingman pounces on the chance to take full advantage of Michael's idle time.

Trying out for the local adult-themed Shakespearean production seems simple, but there's a catch. Michael must woo the notoriously demanding lead actress, Rachel Hewitt, thereby freeing his friend to pursue a courtship of Rachel's sister.

Rachel hates the thought of handing over the lead role in her admittedly scandalous troupe to someone so wholly uneducated in the ways of the Great Bard. But she's in a bind, and the only one who can step up is a man who looks way too good in a codpiece-and knows it.

To add insult to injury, he refuses to take the role until "she" agrees to take his place in some barbaric warrior race. She'll do it, but not with a smile. Unfortunately, the hardest part isn't antagonizing her Scottish foes. It's resisting the one man who seems determined to line and cue her heart-forever.

Warning: This book's half-naked Shakespearean actors are not approved of or acknowledged by people with actual literary merit. Neither are the dirty limericks.
 The World is a Stage is book 2 in the Games of Love series, but I didn’t feel lost without having first read book one.  I believe book one is about Julian, who only makes minor appearances in this story.  So if you haven’t read book one, have no fear and read on!

In this story the main storyline focuses around Michael and Rachel.  The substory is about Molly and Eric (aka Peterson, his last name), but really, its still all about Michael and Rachel.  Peterson, as he’s known to his male friends, asks Michael to basically run interference with the uptight sister of the girl he is into.  Michael, who has a heart of gold (and abs of stone, ahem…) begrudgingly agrees. The only thing he didn’t realize is how far in he would exactly get.

“I know I acted like a three legged jerk tonight.  If it makes you feel any better, I doubt I’ll be able to sleep a wink tonight, what with the guilt and shame eating at my soul.” –Michael to Rachel

Michael is quite a smart-ass.  He is full of quips and snarky remarks.  But in the truth and honest parts of him, he is very sincere and caring, willing to do anything for those that he cares about.  And if Michael cares about you, you can consider yourself a lucky person indeed.  He also an athlete in the Highland Games organization, so you know right off that this man is big, bulky, and well, hot.  He really has a giant personality that I just love.  I’ve never been a girl into the kilt-wearing fellas, but after this story I might change my mind!  Michael is so unique and brazen, he wears his kilt even in off season times.  Oh, and not lets forget his tattoos.  Oh my goodness, how I love a man covered in tattoos!  Michael has got them, and I’d love to see them for myself! 

Rachel is the uptight overprotective sister of Molly.  They were together putting on risqué versions of Shakespearian plays.  While it is obvious throughout the story that Rachel has great talent on stage, there were definitely times where I just didn’t like this woman at all.  I mean sure, there are the battle of wills and bickering arguments with Michael, and that was all very entertaining.  But Rachel also has a way of taking things WAY too far in terms of her over-protection of Molly.   The things that she does… well, I can’t say I’d want to remain her friend, let alone her family, afterwards.  However, as despicable as some of her actions are, you know that they are coming from a place of good, so you have no choice – you want to see what will happen next.  When Rachel and Michael are just one on one, and there is no one else around, and they are consumed by each other’s presence, its absolutely perfect.  I really loved those times. When Rachel is Rachel, and not Molly’s sister, she is a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor and a tremendous caring side. 

Michael and Rachel are like oil and vinegar at the beginning.  He likes to needle her and push her limits, she likes to yell and be mean to him.  But you can tell instantly that there is chemistry there.  And that’s what I like to see, because without that chemistry you’ve got nothing. 

There is a lot of drama that happens in this story, along with some very funny moments too.  The characters are all really terrific.  Peterson and Molly are quite a pair, and I’m almost hoping they get their own book, but I’m not entirely sure if that could work.  There is quite a bit of raw emotions in this book.  You can definitely feel the sadness and depression at some times, and yet at others you on top of the world with the elation of these great characters.  I definitely think that if you like romance you should give this book a try, you will not be disappointed. 

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