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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blogger On Blogger Interview: Kimberly @ Kimba The Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Happy Thursday!!

I interview a lot of authors, we all do.  And it is really a lot of fun, right?  But who is it behind those interviews?  You!!!  So now I want to interview you! This post will run every Thursday (give or take a day due to scheduling) as long as I have people who want to be interviewed!  Check out the tab up there in my tab index for this feature.  That's where you can check out past interviews, upcoming bloggers, and sign up for your own interview! :)

Today we have a really awesome blogger who I have gotten the great joy of getting to know a little bit.  Kimberly at Kimba The Caffeinated Book Reviewer!! Below is her interview, so check that out and then go follow her all over her page.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Now on with the show!


Hi Kimberly!  Thank you for agreeing to interview with me! Welcome to Fictional Candy!
Hi Liz It’s good to be here!

Let’s start with the basics.  You run Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Please tell us a bit about your website, if you will?
It’s a book blog sharing book reviews, bookish new, blog tours, author interview, giveaways and so much more.

And your blogoversary was just on August 15.  How does that feel? 
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I cannot believe it has been a whole year and I have loved every caffeinated minute of it.  I look back at my own personal growth with the blog and am proud of my accomplishments. When I started I had no idea how to write a review, what html was and didn’t even have a personal facebook page. Now I am on twitter, have a facebook page, google+ page, pinterest and tumblr page for my blog.  For me one of the best parts of the year was meeting all my new bookish blogger friends…people who understand my obsession!

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Kimberly, you started a weekly meme not too long ago called The Sunday Post.  It seems to really be gaining popularity!  What is it all about, for the readers that may not have heard of it? 
I was participating in the meme IMM and I wanted something more.  It is almost impossible to visit every blog I love and I would often miss posts that had something I would like to read. So I wanted a place to share what happened on the blog the week before and what is coming up in the week ahead.
So the Sunday Post is a weekly news feed where you highlight past posts, share upcoming events and showcase your book haul.  It has been very successful and I think those that participate would agree they see more comments and increased traffic from it.  Everyone kind of personalizes their newsletter which I think is cool. Some share personal news and others Vlog.

Did you find it a bit nerve-wracking to start your own meme, or were you fairly confident of the success to follow?
Heck yes! I knew what I wanted to do but wasn’t sure anyone else would like it. That first post waiting to see if anyone would link up was nerve racking! *eep*  It has grown weekly and I am really happy about it. It’s a commitment because people depend on the link each week and I still get excited when I see people link up.

What prompted you to begin book blogging?
Actually, I was rating and reviewing books via B&N book clubs, and Goodreads when some online friends there suggested it.  It was perfect for me.  I am a stay-at-home mom  and work about fifteen hours outside the home.  My youngest is a senior in high school and my nest is emptying leaving me more free time.  I desperately needed something for me. I have spent the past 21 years in Mommy and wife mode.  As my nest began emptying I got a little blue. I realized I hadn’t really carved out any me time. This blog has filled that void and I think it has made me a much happier person.

And what genres are your favorites to feature on your website?
I review everything from fiction toYA to Horror.  I love all genres and so I provide quite an eclectic  mix.  My followers range in age from 15 to 76! So I have something for everyone.  While I read only mainstream novels,  I do give advisories for sexual content, foul language and violence at the top of my reviews.

Now that you have been at this a year, what do you think is the easiest and the hardest part of maintaining an active and successful book blog such as yours?
The reading is the easiest *grins* I am very organized and have my posts scheduled.  When I first started I had trouble saying no to ARC’s and found myself with 16 reviews in a month! *gasps* Well, I did them. Truth be told I didn’t sleep much but I learned a lesson fast!  Now I only accepting 8 ARC’s  a month and then I fill in books around those. I still have trouble with that..but books are my weakness.

Do you have a favorite book that you absolutely recommend out all the time?
I have a list a mile long so I will just name a few.  A classic would be To Kill A Mocking Bird and Harry Potter. Current books would be The Passage, anything by Sarah MacLean and the Newsflesh Trilogy.  For YA I would say Throne of Glass, Grave Mercy and This is Not a Test. 

Kimberly – if you could bring one villain and one hero to life for one day from any book, who and what book(s) would they be from?
Ooh this is a tough one! I am going to rip them right from the Hollows and say Al and Rachel. I just want to sit down and have coffee with them and maybe scold them for some of the stupid things they have done. Then feed them cake!

What are your goals for the next year for Kimba The Caffeinated Book Reviewer?
I am already working on one of my goals and that is to host my own read-a-thon  and do a theme month.  During the month of October I have a theme, “Things that Go Bump in the Night”. All month long I will be posting reviews of horror, mystery,  suspense-thriller and paranormal genre books.  I have guest posts and giveaways as well. To start it off I am hosting a read-a-thon called Fraterfest. It’s from October 5 to the 8th. There will be challenges, prizes and a twitter party! I love read-a-thons it is a great way to attack your TBR pile, meet fellow bloggers and have a great time.

My second goal: Vlogging ..*eep* I really would like to expand and do reviews and post on youtube.

And since your blog is so successful in its first year, what kind of advice would you give someone new to the book blogging world?
Network, write honest and fair reviews, connect through twitter, facebook etc. The ARC’s will come! Focus on building friendships and sharing your reviews. Stuck? Reach out, bloggers are wonderful people who love helping fellow bloggers.

As you know, social media is a huge part of book blogging.  Do you have any favorite outlets?
My kids laugh at me because I am all over the social media. I love twitter and my facebook page but love pinterest and tumblr as well. As I said I want to add youtube too, maybe this year ? I would be lost without my friends on Goodreads and B&N. They rock my face off.

And while we are on the topic of the web, what is a favorite website of yours, and why?
 I love to browse the publisher’s websites and facebook pages.  I spend a lot of time at B&N on the book club boards. Of course I spend a ton of time on book blog sites and you can see a few of my favorites on my blogroll.

Do you ever have books that you would classify as DNF (Did Not Finish) and how do you handle those?
Sadly, I am horrible at DNFing a book. I am always so afraid the book will become wonderful and I will miss something! *sighs and hangs head* I have however become extremely selective in the books I chose whether it be an arc or purchase.

And lastly, is there a book release coming up soon that you just can’t wait for?
Yes, The Twelve by Justin Cronin it will be out in October J

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today! It was really nice getting to know you a bit more!
Thanks Liz it has been so much fun hanging out with you here at Fictional Candy!  Doesn’t her blog rock your face off ? Congrats on the recent nominations for the Blogger awards. 
Thank you!

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