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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blogger On Blogger Interview Sign Ups!

Ok, I am starting a new feature over here at Fictional Candy... 
Blogger On Blogger Interviews!!

That's right, I want to interview YOU bloggers!!  And here is your chance to sign up.  Don't worry, I will include this sign up form every Thursday when I run the post.  As long as I have interviews to run, I will continue to run them.  So this success will depend on you!

Do you have something in particular you want to advertise?  This is your chance!  Give me a button, your picture, whatever you've got and we will run it with your interview!

If you have any questions before or after you sign up, feel free to email me!

(If you have already signed up, or let me know somewhere else - you do not have to sign up again)