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Friday, August 10, 2012

Release Day Party/Giveaway: Long Time Coming by Jennifer James

The excerpt below is 18+, do not continue reading if you are below 18

Welcome to the LONG TIME COMING Release Day Party!
LONG TIME COMING is my new book from Etopia Press. It’s written from the male point of view, and is full of fun, exhibitionist, naughty sex between two people who’ve had the hots for each other for years. And they’re finally in a *cough* position to act on their desires.
Rob Williams grew up fantasizing about his older sister’s best friend Joey Sanchez. His desire for her has never diminished. In fact, it’s grown to downright painful proportions. Now a young workaholic attorney married to his job, he finds being home and confronted with the one woman he’s always wanted and never gotten to have damned annoying. It’s making him quite grumpy.
Joey Sanchez spent many hours hanging out at the Williams’s place. A successful pharmaceutical rep, she’s independent, vivacious, and has no qualms about going after what she wants. She’s watched Rob grow from a gawky teenager to high school and college soccer star with no shortage of girlfriends. Her ties to Rob’s older sister Marcie always kept her from making a move. But Marcie’s getting married and Joey’s still single. And she’s tired of keeping her desires to herself.

His dreams have become reality,

Going home for his older sister's wedding has been a real pain in the ass - and cock - for Rob. Unable to get a room at a local hotel, he's stuck in the spare bedroom on a tiny twin size, fantasizing about Joey, the woman he's had a crush on for over ten years. She's still best friends with his sister and staying at his parent's place too.

but instead of quenching his thirst,

Lucky for him, Joey knows what she wants. In the pool, a storage closet, the movie theater, with some very hot text messages, and finally in a hotel room. With the weekend coming to a close, Rob realizes he'd really like another no strings attached weekend of hot sex with Joey. She’s the woman of his dreams, with both feet firmly in reality.

he only wants more...

The weekend will end with his sister’s wedding, and they’ll both be heading back to busy lives filled with work – and little else. With neither of them interested in a committed relationship beyond the ones they have with their careers, how can he persuade her to see him again? There’s nothing he wants more than another sheet scorching weekend with Joey.

Will she agree, or will he be stuck fantasizing about her for another ten years?


After one last press against his crotch, she dropped her foot. “Sorry.”
“No you’re not.”
Joey laughed, low and under her breath. “You’re right. Just wondering if you’re still interested now that you’d gotten to have sex with me once.”

“Damn right I’m still interested. If we were alone, I’d pull your shorts and panties off, bury my face in your pussy, and eat you until you came. I’d turn you around and fuck you on this table until you screamed from it. Come all over your breasts. Maybe all over your lips.”
Joey’s pupils expanded while he talked, and her breath puffed in shorter and shorter gasps. The peaks of her nipples tented the tank top. Rob reached over and traced one with his fingertip, moved up to her mouth and slid the finger through the seam of her lips. He exhaled when she sucked on it and bit down. She liked being dominated, and he liked telling her the things he planned to do to her. Win-win.
That’s right. She’d be wrapped around his dick before the day ended.
The warm wetness of her mouth made him harder. Rob swallowed, trying to think of something else, anything else but the moist cavern suckling his finger.


For a girl whose first book was called “The Scariest Forest Ever,” the jump to romance may seem to be a far one. But a love of happy endings and the stories she kept making up in her head for strangers on the street lead to an unhealthy amount of time spent behind the keyboard typing away and giggling mischievously over sassy heroines, 
sexy heroes, and healthy sprinklings of geek humor.

With time split between a day job staring at teeth, two little girls, college courses, workaholic husband, and too many voices in her head, Jennifer still finds time to sneak off and devour all the books she can find – even if it means hiding in the closet to read them.

She insists on her jokes being dirty, drinks spiked, and tattoos placed in intriguing, muscular places you can only find when the clothes come off.
Blogs I contribute to: Paranormalists

I’m giving away a copy of LONG TIME COMING and a set of Romance Trading Cards. (First prize gets the book, second prize gets the cards.) Anyone who enters the Rafflecopter will also be eligible to win the Grand Prize bag of Naughty Smex Beam Supplies. What’s in the bag? Oh, you know, just a whole bunch of stuff you need to get your weekend off to a right and tight start. ;)

Please note that giveaway is tour wide.  Fictional Candy is not responsible for notification or delivery of prize. 

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  1. Great cover! I love friends turned lover stories. The grand prize would make for a great night. lol

    1. Hi Kaylyn!

      Thanks for entering! I wanted to kick the whole "release" day party up a notch...make it a little hotter... :)

  2. Love the cover! Thanks for the excerpt- It was hawt!
    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks so much! I love the cover too. It's gorgeous, and very sensual without being too naughty. :)

      And the excerpts were hard to pick from. Couldn't be too racy, but had to be titillating. :)

  3. smokin'! Thanks for sharing with us. Carin

  4. Thanks for the excerpt! I like getting the man's POV.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi Mel! I hope you like the book. :) It's in third person, but it's all Rob, all the time. So you get to hear all his thoughts...and some of them are pretty hot. And also very male. LOL

  5. Thanks so much for the excerpt. I have always loved friends to lovers stories. And I LOVE the grand prize.....Talk about a happy weekend starter, LOL.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Heehee...I had lots of fun shopping for it. And I came home with goodies for me and hubs too. :D

  6. Love the excerpt! Congrats on the new release!



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