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Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: New Year's Kiss by Tielle St Clare

Title: New Year's Kiss
Series: Wolf's Heritage #1
Author: Tielle St Clare
Published: 2011, Ellora's Cave
Format: Personal Purchase

All Taylor expects out of New Year's Eve is a hangover and a kiss at midnight. When her boyfriend dumps her a week before the holiday, she turns to her friends Mikhel and Zach for comfort, never expecting more than a fun evening and peck on the cheek as the New Year begins.But as the night progresses, Mikhel and Zach seem different, almost animalistic. Definitely dangerous. And her friends are acting more like lovers. Acting like they both want her.She knows that the time will come when she has to choose between the two men. When Mikhel offers the option of her taking both men as her lovers, Taylor doesn't know what to do. One thing for sure, no matter what she decides, it's going to be a wild ride.

I got this book on Amazon, and  I wrote in my notes that it was a personal pick, so that means I purchased it.  Anyhow, after reading this book – and this is my first from this author – I am definitely going to read more from her.  This book was some of the hottest heat I’ve read in a while.  It was ridiculous how hot this was!  And like the blurb says, there is a bit of m/m action going on.  If that is something you aren’t into, I would still give this book a try because that part is not a very large part at all.

Ok, the story.  This story starts with Mikhel, a werewolf.  Mikhel is the son of an Alpha, and he definitely has Alpha in his future.  He doesn’t get along great with his father, so he leaves at the suggestion of Byron, his father’s right hand man.  Zach is Mikhel’s best friend in the world, and he goes with him.  That’s what friends are for! So off they go.  No pack, no pack law, just freedom.

Present day they own a computer shop and a coffee shop.  They have a friend, Taylor, who just broke up with her boyfriend.  This guy is a total dirtbag.  They had New Year’s Eve plans, and now Taylor is sad that she can’t go.  On top of that, that dirtbag asked her for her tickets to the party so he could take someone else!!  Dirtstar!!

Mikhel and Zach offer one of them to take her.  She can’t make up her mind which one to go with, she’s attracted to both.  Mikhel is obviously strong and a take control type of guy, while Zach is smooth and a bit more sensitive.  Both have their charms and she is attracted to both.  Oh yeah, and she has no clue they are werewolves. 

                “Taylor felt like she was getting a small view of how these two men handled the world.  Zach laughed at it, Mikhel stared it down and dared it to contradict him.”

Oh my goodness, you have to read this story!!  Ok, so Taylor can’t make the decision and so the guys decide.  They both go with her.

Ok, the New Year’s Eve party is beyond HOT.  Zach dances with her, Mikhel teases her.  By the end of the night the three of them are beyond hot and ready to go.  Luckily the party is in a hotel, hint hint.  Upstairs they go….. I’ll leave that part to you.

But after the party is over, after the sun comes up, there is a whole new slew of issues to deal with.  They just had one of the hottest threesomes ever.  No one wants it to end.  But how do you deal with a human, an Alpha werewolf with no pack, and a beta wolf who wants the girl just as much as the Alpha?  Let me tell you, the rest of the story does not disappoint.  It was just sex sex sex, although trust me – there was more than enough of that to go around.  There was an actual story here, the power struggle going in so many directions.  It was intoxicating, and I can not wait to read more.  If you want to read some ménage werewolf shifter erotica that will knock your socks off, I definitely recommend this story.

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